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One of the most prominent black directors in the US. His oeuvre is a bit all over the place, ranging from fresh and slightly experimental cinema to basic character dramas, but always with an activist edge to them. Not always great, but definitely worth exploring.


25th Hour

2002 / 135m - USA
25th Hour poster

When I first watched 25th Hour the film left a bigger impression on me. Maybe it's because I hadn't seen that many films back then, maybe it's because time has blunted some of its initial impact.

Do the Right Thing

1989 / 120m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Do the Right Thing poster


2015 / 127m - USA
Drama, Crime, Musical
Chi-Raq poster

Inside Man

2006 / 129m - USA
Drama, Crime
Inside Man poster


2018 / 135m - USA
BlacKkKlansman poster

A pretty straightforward film by Lee's standards. BlacKkKlansman is the story of a young but passionate black cop who infiltrates the KKK and uses a white (Jewish) stand-in for his face to face confrontations. Based on a biographical book, Lee sticks closely to the genre conventions.

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That's a nice and easy way to honor the work of Stallworth, but it also makes for a slightly duller film. You don't need to know the history to predict how it all pans out and without Lee's stylistic flourish it's little more than a plot moving from beginning to end, at a pretty consistent pace.

Performances are nice though and while predictable, it's still quite fun to see how it all comes together. BlacKkKlansman isn't a bad film, it's just a little basic and by the numbers. The references to BLM and America's current political climate at the end of the film don't do much to change that.

When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts poster

A Spike Lee documentary on the havoc Hurricane Katrina unleashed on New Orleans. Not just the physical destruction, Lee also looks for the broader impact on society, how several governmental institutions failed, what part race played in the unraveling and how failures from the past facilitated the disaster.

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The first part is mostly focused on the actual disaster, the second part digs around in past failings and the long-lasting impact on the people who suffered through this event. Lee is smart enough to let different people give their version of the story, so it's not just endless complaining/blaming, though in my opinion the balance still felt a little off.

There's also an addendum for those who really love this doc, after four hours though I figured I had a pretty good idea of how this documentary framed the disaster. I would've preferred a slightly more balanced approach and the runtime really is quite excessive, but overall it was a pretty interesting film that is a must for people looking for a thorough look at Hurricane Katrina's history and its aftermath.

He Got Game

1998 / 136m - USA
Drama, Sport
He Got Game poster

Summer of Sam

1999 / 142m - USA
Drama, Crime
Summer of Sam poster

For those expecting a film about Son of Sam, better adjust your expectation. The serial killer case is little more than wallpaper here, instead we follow a couple of clowns who are trying to deal with their own troubles, with the Son of Sam case merely playing out in the background. I guess that explains the title.

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Vinny is a young guy who has made a downright mess of his life. He cheats on his wife, he gets pushed around by some local wannabe mobsters and his best friend just turned into a punk lover. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose in New York and starts killing people in Vinny's neighborhood.

Performances are decent but not good enough to carry the film, the characters are somewhat annoying, the film is too long and the soundtrack is lazy. Lee's direction is a notch above Scorsese's (who I think could've been in the running for this script too), but in the end Summer of Sam is overly long and just not interesting enough.

She's Gotta Have It

1986 / 84m - USA
Comedy, Romance
She's Gotta Have It poster

Da 5 Bloods

2020 / 154m - USA
Action, War
Da 5 Bloods poster

Spike Lee must've had a clear vision when he started this project, but I dearly hope it wasn't anything close to this devastating mess. Da 5 Bloods feels like a film that wanted to say a lot of important things, but ultimately it comes off as a very bad pastiche. Not once does Lee find the right tone for his film.

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With four black veterans returning to Vietnam to honor their fallen friend, the film has a perfect setup to revisit the Vietnam War and tell it from a black perspective. Throw in some gold hunting plot for a little adventure and suspense, and you have all the ingredients for a great film. Why then did it feel like a bad comedy, something that holds the middle between a bad Apocalypse Now rip-off and a subpar jungle-set JCVD action flick.

Performances are poor, the action scenes are drab, the dramatic moments are laughable and the political inserts are completely overshadowed by the incompetence surrounding them. The entire film is such a big mess that it is actually quite amusing to watch (at least to see where it is going), but in the end if feels like Lee overreached tremendously and couldn't stop himself from falling flat on his face. This wasn't any good.


1998 / 89m - USA
Freak poster


2013 / 104m - USA
Mystery, Thriller
Oldboy poster