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Hope and Glory

1987 / 113m - UK
Drama, War
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A war movie that felt quite jolly and upbeat. I can't say this British classic was riveting, it's a lighthearted coming-of-age drama set during WWII, with decent performances, but nothing much else. If you like pompous Hollywood cinema this is probably a stand-out, but it's not my kind of cinema.

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Bill is living with his family in London when word reaches them that the war has started. The war changes his life drastically, but he's still a young boy growing up. Even though he can't have a normal childhood, he still goes through the same things as every kid. Only now it's in a broken city.

The performances are decent enough, especially considering the lead character is a young kid. The rest of the film is pretty mediocre though. It's all very much by the numbers, with no risks taken, with some light drama that makes the film easily digestible for everyone. Pretty generic.


1972 / 109m - USA
Thriller, Adventure
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Point Blank

1967 / 92m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Point Blank poster

Credit where credit is due, Boorman takes a very basic revenge flick and tries to live it up a little. Point Black is a pretty stylized film that deliberately plays around with sound and cinematography to add an extra layer on top. Sadly, I found Boorman's attempt to be pretty weak, distracting even.

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The plot is as basic as can be. When Walker tries to help a friend, he's shot in cold blood and left for dead. To make matters worse, Walker's friend takes off with his wife. After he recovers from his injuries, Walker has only one thing on his mind: revenge. For that, he'll have to infiltrate a crime syndicate.

Lee Marvin is a terrible cast and annoys from start to finish, the other actors aren't that much better. Boorman's playfulness is nice in theory, but the execution isn't very impressive and as a result, the pacing is way too slow. As a simple genre film, it's still relatively amusing, but certainly not the film Boorman wanted it to be.

Exorcist II: The Heretic

1977 / 117m - USA
Exorcist II: The Heretic poster