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Babette's Feast

Babettes Gæstebud
1987 / 103m - Denmark
Babette's Feast poster

Hollywood has no exclusivity on sentimental crap, that's why they invented the Oscar for best international film. Babette's Feast is one such winner and boy, does it deliver. I think I can live another hundred years and still feel too young for this film. At least I can be happy I never have to watch this thing again.

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Two sisters live with their father in a very religious Danish community. Their lives change when Babette, a French refugee, arrives in the village and becomes their maid. When their father dies, a memorial service is announced, but instead of keeping things demure and simple, Babette is preparing a large feast.

The film looks incredibly dreary, the soundtrack (whatever there is of it) is horrific, the characters are dull and there's hardly any plot to speak of. It just drags on for 100 minutes straight without ever offering something remotely interesting. Not my kind of cinema, let's just keep it at that.