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Celine and Julie Go Boating

Céline et Julie Vont en Bateau
1974 / 193m - France
Drama, Fantasy
Celine and Julie Go Boating poster

My second Rivette was a bit of a disappointment. I quite like the Nouvelle Vague, especially for its playfulness. When that's not there (or fully realized), I struggle to get into these films. It didn't help that this one was more than three hours long, a bit ridiculous for what's on display here.

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Céline and Julie bump into each other by accident, and they end up becoming good friends. When they go to Julie's home, Céline digs up an unbelievable story, in which she plays a part. Julie is a bit suspicious but gives Céline the benefit of the doubt, and becomes more and more invested in the story as it progresses.

My main issue is with Berto and Labourier, who come off more than a little wooden. Their dialogues and acting feel forced and stage-like, which is the opposite of what it should've been. The light fantasy touches are decent, but they're not strong enough to keep the film afloat for three hours straight.

The Beautiful Troublemaker

La Belle Noiseuse
1991 / 238m - France
The Beautiful Troublemaker poster

Am I tempted? Sure? Was it deliberate? Maybe. Will I do it? Nah. Kudos to Rivette for making a 4-hour-long film about a guy painting a woman, but I'm not going to make that pun, no matter how accurate it may be. I'm just not giving him the satisfaction after 240 minutes of this.

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Frenhofer is a painter who has lost his inspiration. His last painting is unfinished as he lost the love for his model. When he gets together with his pupil, he suggests using his girlfriend as a model to reignite Frenhofer's passion. He reluctantly agrees, but something inside him stirs when he watches her.

It's a four-hour film about an artist trying to regain his passion for his artistry. A lot of the film is actual painting (and not the cool speed-painting you can find on YT), though the real core of the film lies in the conversations between the model and the painter and the relationship that develops between them. I didn't care for either of them, so tough luck for me.