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The Age of Beauty

Belle Epoque
1992 / 109m - Spain
Comedy, Romance
The Age of Beauty poster

A Spanish classic that isn't really all that great. The Age of Beauty is a somewhat farcical comedy about a boy who finds himself the center of attention when he shacks up with a farmer and his four daughters. It's just not very funny. Nor very attractive or romantic. It's just a bit slow and predictable.

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Fernando is a peaceful deserter who travels the land. When he meets Manolo, a rich farmer, he finally finds a place to stay. Manolo and Fernando share a political ideology, but it's only when Fernando finds out about Manolo's daughters that he decides to stay for a little while longer.

The cinematography is relatively colorful, but dull. The soundtrack is atrocious, and the performances are rather overstated. The plot isn't all that original either. It's never too boring, and the drama is never heavy or burdensome, I'm still a bit surprised a film like this did so well back in the days.