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The good stuff

The Kiyosu Conference

by Koki Mitani
Kiyosu Kaigi
2013 / 138m - Japan
The Kiyosu Conference poster

The Kiyosu Conference is good, solid, old-fashioned fun. Mitani has a great cast to his disposal and goes with colorful visuals and an upbeat soundtrack.

Once in a Blue Moon

by Koki Mitani
Sutekina Kanashibari
2011 / 142m - Japan
Once in a Blue Moon poster

The combination of strange plot twists and original turn of events with a warm but deadpan sense of humor is the true winner here.

Solid pieces

Hit Me Anyone One More Time!

by Koki Mitani
Kioku ni Gozaimasen
2019 / 127m - Japan
Hit Me Anyone One More Time! poster

Koki Mitani's latest film is a typical Mitani production. If you're not familiar with the man's work, it's probably a fun introduction into his oeuvre, others may have been expecting a little more. Not that Hit Me Anyone One More Time is a bad film, on the contrary, but it's not a stand-out Mitani either.

After suffering a blow to the head, Kuroda, the prime minister of Japan, wakes up in the hospital. He's lost all of his memories, which gives him a rare opportunity start from scratch. He grabs it with both hands, as he's known as the most hated prime minister in Japanese history (something tells me Mitani found his inspiration across the pond).

The film is kooky and fun, serving light, farce-like comedy. A large cast of exaggerated characters twirls around Kuroda while he tries to make things right again, for his family as well as his country. The presentation is nice, actors do a good job and the pacing is perfect. A fine film, the only problem is that I know Mitani can do better.

Galaxy Turnpike

by Koki Mitani
Gyarakushi Kaidou
2015 / 110m - Japan
Comedy, Sci-fi
Galaxy Turnpike poster


by Koki Mitani
2013 / 100m - Japan
Airport poster

Impressive, especially for a TV movie. It's vintage Mitani, but the fact that he made it a one-shot movie is not something I was expecting. The comedy is solid, the family banter is fun and the pacing is exquisite. Airport can't really hide its TV roots, but for once I couldn't really a fault a film for that. Watch this if you can.

The Magic Hour

by Koki Mitani
Za Majikku Awâ
2008 / 136m - Japan
The Magic Hour poster

The Wow-Choten Hotel

by Koki Mitani
The Uchôten Hoteru
2006 / 136m - Japan
Comedy, Romance
The Wow-Choten Hotel poster

The inoffensive

All about Our House

by Koki Mitani
Minna no Ie
2001 / 116m - Japan
All about Our House poster

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald

by Koki Mitani
Rajio no Jikan
1997 / 103m - Japan
Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald poster