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The Other Lamb

2019 / 97m - Ireland
Horror, Mystery
The Other Lamb poster

Dark and uncomfortable horror/mystery that follows a weird cult. A tad slow during the middle part and clearly aimed at those who prefer an arthouse aesthetic over gore and thrills, but the direction is strong, performances are captivating and the mystery is upheld until the very last scene. An impressive film.

I like a good anthology, but when there are too many directors and the project is a little too vague or open-ended, it's difficult to turn it into something coherent (not just a random bunch of shorts bunched together). Visions of Europe is a miss in that regard, but it's still worth checking out.

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The title is pretty self-explanatory. 25 directors from 25 different European countries were given the chance to direct a short film about Europe. They were given free rein, which means you'll find many different ideas and approaches here, though few are actual straightforward narratives.

There are some pretty familiar and respected names (Tarr, Boe, Greenaway), but most of the directors are pretty niche and have limited appeal outside of their bubbles. There's a handful of memorable shorts, the rest is pretty forgettable, but it's at least quite varied and the shorts are well short, so it never gets too dull.