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2008 / 99m - France
Martyrs poster

It's a bleak, depressing but all the more impressive look into the darker depths of the human condition, it will leave you cringing in your seat, and it will make you want to look away.

House of Voices

Saint Ange
2004 / 98m - France
Horror, Mystery
House of Voices poster

A fabulous start to Laugier's career. House of Voices starts of a little slow, lulls you to sleep, makes you believe you're just watching a simple haunted house flick, but there's a darker side to the film that start to reveal itself after the halfway mark. Cinematography, soundtrack and performances are all great, this is quality horror cinema.


2018 / 91m - Canada
Ghostland poster

Another great horror film from French prodigy Pascal Laugier. He doesn't make too many films, but he makes them count. Eerie, brutal and twisted, a film that plays loves its genre tropes, but rearranges in such a way that something new and exciting emerges from it.

The Tall Man

2012 / 100m - USA
Horror, Thriller
The Tall Man poster

The Tall Man holds his punches until the very end, where it finally reveals itself as a film that cares very little about the Tall Man legend, instead focusing on more pressing and serious issues.