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An interesting director, difficult to pin down or restrict to a single niche. That makes it pretty fun to explore his oeuvre, though for me it has brought more misses than hits. If you like contemporary drama though, Linklater comes well recommended.

The good stuff

Before Sunset

by Richard Linklater
2004 / 80m - USA
Drama, Romance
Before Sunset poster

Before Sunrise

by Richard Linklater
1995 / 101m - USA
Drama, Romance
Before Sunrise poster

Solid pieces

Before Midnight

by Richard Linklater
2013 / 109m - USA
Drama, Romance
Before Midnight poster

The inoffensive


by Richard Linklater
2011 / 104m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Bernie poster

Worthy but flawed

Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood

by Richard Linklater
2022 / 97m - USA
Drama, Adventure, Animation
Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood poster

Linklater loves a bit of nostalgia. Apollo 10½ sees him returning to his childhood, recounting all the little details that made the world such a different place. I, on the other hand, care very little for nostalgia. The reason why I didn't think this was a complete disaster, was because the film is also very much about looking to the future.

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Stan is the youngest of a family of 8. He lives in Houston Texas, in a neighborhood where everybody is involved in some way or another in NASA's big mission to land on the moon. Stan dreams of becoming an astronaut, but his family and childhood are a lot more mundane, so he makes up a past of his own.

A 90-minute voice-over blasts through trivia about the past, executed in Linklater's beloved animation style. I'm not really sure what the concept was, but because there is a light and breezy vibe it's somewhat entertaining to follow. Not that there was a lot to connect with for me, the time and place is very particular and nothing like my own childhood. At least it was relatively short.

Dubious filler

Last Flag Flying

by Richard Linklater
2017 / 125m - USA
Last Flag Flying poster

A plain road movie that hinges on somewhat uninspired dialogues between three war veterans. All the classic themes about pride, fighting for your country and being fucked over by the government are present, sadly Linklater fails to add anything new or interesting to it. A pointless film that offers little more than two hours of tepid drama.


by Richard Linklater
2014 / 165m - USA
Boyhood poster

Bad News Bears

by Richard Linklater
2005 / 113m - USA
Comedy, Sport
Bad News Bears poster

Technically a remake, but who cares. Disgruntled old man has to coach a team of loser kids, things start off terrible, get progressively better, enter a short drama dip and as for the ending .. well, I'm not going to spoil it for you. Linklater has little to add to the film, lucky Thornton is there to keep is somewhat interesting.

Plain forgettable

School of Rock

by Richard Linklater
2003 / 109m - USA
Comedy, Music
School of Rock poster


by Richard Linklater
2001 / 86m - USA
Tape poster

Waking Life

by Richard Linklater
2001 / 99m - USA
Animation, Experimental
Waking Life poster

Dazed and Confused

by Richard Linklater
1993 / 102m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Dazed and Confused poster

Big nopes

A Scanner Darkly

by Richard Linklater
2006 / 100m - USA
Sci-fi, Mystery, Animation
A Scanner Darkly poster