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The good stuff


2009 / 88m - USA
Comedy, Horror
Zombieland poster

If you're up for an entertaining, funny and fast zombie flick than Zombieland should be first pick. Even though it's not wildly original it hits all the right notes.

Solid pieces

Zombieland: Double Tap

2019 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Horror
Zombieland: Double Tap poster

Good sequel, but a little too self-aware at times. The first one was a great blend of comedy and horror, this second one really is just a comedy with some horror bits thrown in because zombies. It's a still a pretty funny and amusing film, but when all the gore is just for laughs the film just feels a little worse for it.

30 Minutes or Less

2011 / 83m - USA
Action, Comedy, Crime
30 Minutes or Less poster

The inoffensive

Gangster Squad

2013 / 113m - USA
Crime, Action
Gangster Squad poster

The story about a group of off the grid cops banding together to get a mafia mogul in California isn't all that special, but Fleischer brings enough flair to the table and the casting is pretty spot on. There are some solid action scenes, the atmosphere is the right mix of grim and romantic and although a little long, Gangster Squad never gets boring.

Worthy but flawed


2022 / 116m - USA
Adventure, Action
Uncharted poster

A simple blockbuster adventure. The adventure genre made a big comeback these past couple of years, this is a more action-based version, which comes with a solid game franchise backing. For a film like that, just offering the basic blockbuster thrills is more than enough, and that's exactly what you're getting.

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Nathan is a petty thief who works in a bar, where he robs his clients. A man turns up and offers him a much bigger job. He had a lead that will take them to the lost gold of Magellan. Nathan accepts, but his partners are not to be trusted and getting to the gold will prove a lot harder than expected.

The chemistry between Holland and Wahlberg is decent enough, the exotic locations work well for this type of film and the light tone is appropriate. The action scenes are a bit flaky though and the mystery isn't that well fleshed out. This is simple entertainment, and the film is fully aware of that. Decent filler.

Plain forgettable


2018 / 112m - USA
Action, Sci-fi, Thriller
Venom poster

Cheesy and lame, even though it tries to be cool and tough. Venom is a terrible superhero, Hardy's performance feels conflicted and the special effects don't really cut it. There are some decent action scenes, but that's about it really. Another disappointing superhero flick, just throw it on the pile.