Butterfly review

"The stylish cinematography, the beautiful soundtrack, and two amazing central performances make this a lively and empathic LGBTQ+ romance."

In Love with the Dead

In Love with the Dead review

"In Love With The Dead is a neat little genre film that thrives on atmosphere, providing a solid dramatic base overlaid with dark and brooding sentiments."

Harry Brown

Harry Brown review

"Harry Brown has quite a lot to offer. Visually strong, aided by a great soundtrack and a more than solid cast, it's a grim film that presents itself way better than most of the competition."

Snow White: The Sequel

Snow White: The Sequel review

"The film is pretty short and rightfully so. A joke can only be stretched that far, and when you start getting used to the tone of the film the fun slowly fades."

Hold Up Down

Hold Up Down review

"The comedy is spot on, the cinematography is solid, the film works up to a strong crescendo and there are some very memorable scenes scattered throughout."

The Seaside Motel

The Seaside Motel review

"It's definitely not the best entry in the genre, but it's a very welcome addition for those craving fresh meat."


CJ7 review

"A film that could charm you as easily as it could disappoint you. Chow is enough of a director to pull it off, but those wanting another typical Chow comedy will be left with empty hands."

White Panic

White Panic review

"All in all White Panic is a great calling card for director Shugo Fujii (who you might already know from Living Hell)."

7 Days

7 Days review

"Les 7 Jour du Talion is another great entry in the Francophone wave of modern horror films."

Loved Gun

Loved Gun review

"Loved Gun is a moody crime flick, built on an excellent cast and enriched with a layer of comedic touches, aptly hidden behind a veil of introspection and subdued stylistic choices."

Leaving Me, Loving You

Leaving Me, Loving You review

"Wonderful cinematography, lush sets and two strong actors make this film. You have to wade through a few mushy parts, mostly in the beginning, after that it's all good."

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes review

"The ending is pretty cool (especially the short second ending), the film never bores, remains beautiful throughout and is just plain good at everything it tries and does."


Secret review

"Feels a bit poppy and maybe a bit too flimsy, apart from that it's one big solid romance with a pretty cool twist and a magnificent ending leaving you pretty fulfilled after the film has finished."

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Hard Luck Hero

Hard Luck Hero review

"The actors are solid, there are quirky narrative details, the cinematography is on point and the pacing is slick. All that is needed for some prime entertainment."

They Came Back

They Came Back review

"The film remains mysterious throughout its complete running time, though nothing much is actually happening."

15: The Movie

15: The Movie review

"The vibrant cinematography and the poppy score set the mood for a mix of light-hearted fun and more deep-digging drama, perfectly carried out by the actors."

Town Creek

Town Creek review

"A short, fun and visually accomplished ride through Schumacher's world of Nazis and horror. Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

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Cherry Tree Lane

Cherry Tree Lane review

"Williams delivers a short, poignant and strong film."

Mum & Dad

Mum & Dad review

"Potential aplenty and if the idea of a mellowed down mix between Calvaire and Martyrs appeals to you this is definitely a film worth watching. "

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