Gamer review

"If you're looking for a short, fun and action-filled film than Gamer is prime choice."


Fireworks review

"Fireworks is a real delight. It's a simple, accessible film but with enough unique elements to keep you surprised and interested. The film is also the perfect showcase for Kitano's versatility."

Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man review

"Kwam and Scheinert deliver a film that is witty, smart, well-made, pure and most of all unique."

The Day of Destruction

The Day of Destruction review

"It's raw, primordial and unfiltered emotion, an audiovisual experience that gripped me from the very first frame and didn't let go until long after the final credit had faded from the screen."


Moebius review

"I experienced Moebius as a pretty intense drama, a downwards spiral invoked by a family acting purely on their urges and instincts."


Kikujiro review

"Kitano's humor is simple, somewhat childish and often improvised, but thanks to the typical editing and his superb comical body language it works wonders."

Lost River

Lost River review

"An audiovisual trip through an intriguing world, it's a feverish nightmare presented as a soothing dream, but above all it's a film from a director who has a voice of his own."

The Clone Returns Home

The Clone Returns Home review

"The Clone Returns Home is one of the most impressive dramatic films I've seen in a long time. It lingers, it surprises, it impresses and it leaves you in a daze."


Soul review

"Soul is pretty much perfect, though it might not be very accessible to those who fail to appreciate the mix of arthouse and genre film ideologies on display here."

The Tenants Downstairs

The Tenants Downstairs review

"The rest of the film is pure genius though. It's stylish, classy, funny and revolting. The acting is top notch, the film looks incredible and the soundtrack adds a lot of atmosphere."


Sparrow review

"To's passion for the job shows in every scene, in every choice and in every detail. The film has its very own, unique flow and knows to charm from the first minute."


Gozu review

"Don't expect a typical horror/mystery flick (despite many claims of Lynch-like scenes), Gozu is a superb comedy meant for people who like their slice of cinema a little different."

Big Fish and Begonia

Big Fish and Begonia review

"Big Fish and Begonia is an absolute stunner, an audiovisual experience that dragged me into its world and didn't let go until the final frame faded and the last note died."

Any Way the Wind Blows

Any Way the Wind Blows review

"Tom Barman delivers a surprisingly fun, unique and mature film that isn't exactly a comedy, but still contains enough moments that are worthy of a chuckle."


Inside review

"Inside is a film that will please horror and gore fans all around. It starts of slow but it doesn't take long before it all turns bad and doesn't let you go until the splattering finale."

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night review

"Tom Lin paints one of the dearest, warmest and most charming films of the year."


2046 review

"If the romance and the drama doesn't get to you, the atmosphere probably will."

5 Centimeters per Second

5 Centimeters per Second review

"Some people won't really pick up the film's bitter core, for them there are still the lovingly detailed visuals and the stunning atmosphere."

Ex Drummer

Ex Drummer review

"Together with Small Gods, Dirty Mind, 22 Mei and Any Way The Wind Blows, Ex Drummer marks the top of Flemish cinema."


Martyrs review

"It's a bleak, depressing but all the more impressive look into the darker depths of the human condition, it will leave you cringing in your seat, and it will make you want to look away."


Blame! review

"It's far edgier than I imagined it to be. They left Nihei's appeal and style intact, the action sequences are brutal and the mega structure looks as cool as it does in the manga."


Gravity review

"Gravity is a film that needs to be experienced in theaters, preferably in 3D, though I am quite certain it will survive the living room experience just as well."

The Taste of Tea

The Taste of Tea review

"A lovingly executed ode to laziness, boredom and feeling at ease. The characters do little else but loitering, loving the fact that they have nothing else to do but to sit and enjoy the moment."

The World of Kanako

The World of Kanako review

"The World of Kanako isn't subtle and doesn't offer much in the way of breathers. It's crazy, weird, harsh and fast-paced, piling body upon body and putting Akikazu through increasingly rough trials."

Paris Is Us

Paris Is Us review

"Paris Is Us is beautifully shot, intimate and abstract at the same time, it features a terrific score, a superb lead and it resonates way beyond its own narrative."