The Graduates

The Graduates review

"It's a pretty good film for newcomers and hardened fans alike. The film is accessible, has enough drama for those not quite used to the slow pacing and leaves enough room for meandering thoughts."

Electric Shadows

Electric Shadows review

"There is a little cruft near the end and some parts could've been streamlined a little better, but overall it's a sweet and endearing film that shows a deep love for cinema."

River of First Love

River of First Love review

"That said, it's a film that caters to fans of light-hearted Japanese dramas, doing little to even try and persuade people outside of its niche."

The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls review

"On a technical level The Boxtrolls is an absolute masterpiece. The whole film looks lavish from start to finish."


Jam review

"Jam is great entertainment, sporting a healthy amount of black comedy, coupled with solid performances, refined styling and some interesting narrative twists."


Yannick review

"Don't watch this film for the presentation or the strong narrative, instead, have a good chuckle, marvel at its wittiness, and take a minute to consider the points it raises."

The Seasoning House

The Seasoning House review

"The Seasoning House isn't a perfect horror film."


Firestorm review

"Yuen clearly saved the best for last here and it paid off. The film has no apparent lows, but it has one sprawling high at the very end which left me quite impressed."


Saw review

"The traps are creative, the rundown look is very effective and Bell's portrayal of the killer is nothing less than iconic, but it's unclear how long these elements will keep the film afloat."

Honey & Clover

Honey & Clover review

"Honey And Clover is a nice, solid genre entry that sinks you comfortable to the back of the couch, letting a feeling of warmth and melancholy slip over you."

A Horrible Way to Die

A Horrible Way to Die review

"Even though similarities between this film and Pop Skull are rather slim, there's still an underlying signature style that clearly belongs to Wingard."

The House

The House review

"The House is not the most chilling film ever made, nor the most touching."

Being John Malkovich

Being John Malkovich review

"High concept, highly original, and impossible to reproduce, and Jonze has a proper handle on his film at all times, even when things get pretty hectic and confusing."

Locomotive Teacher

Locomotive Teacher review

"I became transfixed by the soothing island atmosphere, the laid-back pacing and the nice surroundings."

One Million Yen Girl

One Million Yen Girl review

"One Million Yen Girl is a very typical Japanese drama which does little to really set itself apart from its peers. It will mostly appear to fans of the genre, which I happen to be."

Lost Highway

Lost Highway review

"Like most of Lynch's films, Lost Highway aged considerably. But while the visuals, the soundtrack and the score failed to impress this time around, the atmosphere has remained pretty much intact."

The Children

The Children review

"Still, The Children is a strong entry in the recent horror hype."

The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie review

"A film that doesn't deviate too much from the original show, but adds a bit of extra appeal that wouldn't have been possible if it had remained stuck on TV."

Who Are You?

Who Are You? review

"Fans of Meat Grinder or likewise will probably love this film. It's lush, bursting with strong colors and lovely cinematography."

Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl review

"Lars and the Real Girl is rare gem blending dry humor with well-dosed drama and a feel-good vibe. Many people seem to miss the humor but I've been smiling and laughing throughout the whole film."


Keane review

"Thanks to Damien Lewis' stellar performance, a very visceral style of direction, and a sublime finale the film hits like a sledgehammer, which I can only applaud."


Halfway review

"In the end Halfway is a film primarily made for existing fans of the genre. It's a very good, solid entry in the genre but does little to cross any existing boundaries."

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

The Disappearance of Alice Creed review

"That said, the final act is still pretty tense and enjoyable and does little to eclipse the first hour."

Heavenly Forest

Heavenly Forest review

"Tada, Kimi Wo Aishiteru is a sweet, cute, good-natured and hopelessly naive little film."

The Men who Stare at Goats

The Men who Stare at Goats review

"Genuinely funny big budget American comedies are very hard to come by."