Citizen Dog

Citizen Dog review

"If you want something light-hearted, fun, and visually exuberant, Citizen Dog is your film. It's a lovely little comedy with a lot of heart, warmth, and plenty of interesting and original ideas."

Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody review

"There is so much going on, both stylistically and story-wise, that it may be a bit much the first time around. Even so, the film leaves you with a feeling of having watched something very special."

Design of Death

Design of Death review

"The actors bring a disarming charm, the humor is actually funny and Guan delivers a worthwhile audiovisual experience, in a way that sets it apart from other Chinese films."

Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls review

"A crazy, creative, vibrant film that keeps a pretty strict pace and only slows down a little toward the end of the film. But even then, there's a sprawling finale that pulls out all the stops."


Alleluia review

"Even though it never becomes as extreme or over-the-top as other films, there's a tangible darkness that leaves the kind of deep and strong impression most horror films can only dream of."

Three Times

Three Times review

"The acting is very natural, Hou's camera is delicate and loving and the score is spot on. Three Times is a beautiful film, casting its view on the different aspects of love and romance."

Trava: Fist Planet

Trava: Fist Planet review

"The combination of manic animation and dry, deadpan conversations is no doubt an acquired taste, still, there is plenty left to enjoy if you have a soft spot for animation."

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel review

"There are so many priceless moments, so many memorable scenes, and plenty of amazing details that make the film that much better. The Grand Budapest Hotel is Anderson at his very best."

Why Don't You Play in Hell?

Why Don't You Play in Hell? review

"It's no doubt one of the least serious films Sono has made so far, but there's so much vigor and energy here that only the most hardened stiffs would mind."

The Mole Song

The Mole Song review

"Vintage Miike with bazookas and manga-like jumps, crazy Yakuza gangs, and a complete disregard for the normal. There is nobody like Miike when it comes to cranking out entertaining films."

After Life

After Life review

"After Life is about enjoying and appreciating the good things you have in your life. Warmly recommended for anyone who doesn't mind the modest pacing and styling."

It's Only Talk

It's Only Talk review

"Hiroki delivers one of the most natural, confident, and empathic dramas I've ever laid eyes on. On the outside it appears to be a simple film, but underneath lies a wealth of emotions."


H4Z4RD review

"Govaerts crafted a near-perfect piece of entertainment that gets progressively better as time passes, without ever losing sight of the cinematic craft and creativity that blesses the best of genre films."


Versus review

"Kitamura put a lot of variation between the fight scenes, sprinkled the film with plenty of comedy interludes, and comes up with smart and clever details at regular intervals."

Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising review

"This film is a solid, well-made, and impressive trip that reaches back to our more primitive emotions, focusing a lot more on atmosphere and experience, rather than plot and characters."

Sky Crawlers

Sky Crawlers review

"Beautifully animated and scored, sporting a strong cast of characters, an intriguing plot and a fair selection of interesting themes, Sky Crawlers is Oshii's most complete film to date."

Small Gods

Small Gods review

"A unique film that is stylistically strong enough to impose a feeling on the viewer without much impulses from the story itself, a gritty and uncomfortable mood piece if I ever saw one."

The Forest of Love

The Forest of Love review

"Sono's latest is another wild experience, full of energetic performances, manic camera work and excessive events. A fever trip that holds you prisoner and dazzles all the way through."

The Midnight Maiden War

The Midnight Maiden War review

"The stylish cinematography and superb sound design create a unique and tangible atmosphere, the performances and strong characterization add extra flair to the whole."

Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again review

"Giddens Ko finally banks on his talent and serves a wildly creative and unique film, with the necessary visual flair, a notable soundtrack and strong performances to back it up."

Party 7

Party 7 review

"The film looks good, sounds great, sports an incredible opening animation sequence, and boasts a list of superb actors. What more could you wish for in a Japanese comedy?"


Takeshis' review

"It's a feast of recognition, a wonderful comedy and a completely unique film that could've been made by only one man in this entire world. Takeshis' is Takeshi Kitano."

The Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters

The Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters review

"The film is smart, quirky, looks and sounds great and is filled to the brim with bristling creativity. It is hilarious, even if you can't catch all the details on the first viewing."

Ambiguous Places

Ambiguous Places review

"Ambiguous Places is the purest form of comedy. A film that sets out to bewilder and amuse its audience in the most deadpan way possible, taking no shortcuts or concessions whatsoever."

Hellevator: The Bottled Fools

Hellevator: The Bottled Fools review

"What Yamaguchi lacks in budget he makes up in inventiveness and creativity. The result is a highly entertaining film that contains plenty of treats to keep you interested throughout."