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Alive and kicking
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Rare treats

A wonderful collection of shorts, visually pleasing, fun to watch and from time to time refreshingly weird.

The good stuff

Welcome to the Quiet Room

Quiet Room ni Yokoso
2007 / 118m - Japan
Comedy, Drama
Welcome to the Quiet Room poster

Matsuo is growing as a director. Welcome To The Quiet Room is in improvement on his previous films in every respect.

Solid pieces

A Farewell to Jinu

Jinu Yo Saraba Kamuroba Mura E
2015 / 121m - Japan
A Farewell to Jinu poster

Suzuki Matsuo features Ryuhei Matsuda and Fumi Nikaido in his latest comedy. The film itself didn't quite meet my expectations, but it's a fun and quirky movie regardless. Matsuo is truly one of a kind and the rural Japanese setting combined with slightly fantastical elements makes for a unique experience.

Otakus in Love

Koi no Mon
2004 / 114m - Japan
Comedy, Romance
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The inoffensive

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