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Breaking News in Yuba County

2021 / 96m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Breaking News in Yuba County poster

A good, old-fashioned dark comedy. Take a cast full of goofs and fuck-ups, add an accidental crime, and let things spiral out of control as people keep digging deeper graves for themselves. It's a common setup, Taylor does well with it, but he lacks that little nasty edge that makes a film like this truly worthwhile.

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Sue Buttons is a ghost. Nobody notices her, people forget about her all the time, and her husband is cheating on her. When she catches him in the act, he dies from the shock. Sue buries him and decides to make the most of it, so she calls the local news station and offers them her story.

The cast is solid, and the plot keeps getting more and more complex by the minute, but the somewhat chirpy and subdued vibe keeps it from going all in. It's just a bit too soft and nice, apart from just a handful of moments near the end. There are a couple of laughs here, I just wish Taylor had committed just a bit more to the dark side of his film. Not bad, but could've been so much better.


2020 / 96m - USA
Action, Thriller
Ava poster

Decent but very generic assassin flick, with a slightly stronger focus on the drama parts (why though?) and a female lead rather than a male one. The latter is clearly the supposed trump card of the film, sadly, it doesn't add anything substantial. On the contrary, Chastain's mediocre fight skills bring the film down.

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Ava is a skilled assassin who executes hits on important people. When an operation goes sideways, her former employer wants to eliminate her. Ava escapes and seeks out the family she abandoned years ago. She soon discovers that trying to make amends when a contract killer is on her tail is pretty tiring.

Chastain is somewhat of a miscast, the action scenes are poorly edited and the story is pretty bland. On the other hand, the secondary parts are pretty decent, the pacing is good and the runtime is pretty short. It's not a great film, but it's proper genre filler when you want to give your brain a little rest.


2019 / 99m - USA
Thriller, Horror
Ma poster

A simple and basic thriller/horror film that has no stand-out features. Octavia Spencer does a decent job, apart from that it's a cut-and-paste job from a bunch of better and more high-profile films. Ma is a typical Blumhouse production, only investing in the bare necessities to make as much money as possible.

The Girl on the Train

2016 / 112m - USA
Thriller, Drama
The Girl on the Train poster

A rather plain thriller. It starts out well enough, but Taylor is too quick to reveal all the important plot points and the puzzle itself really isn't all that interesting, not to say predictable. The actors do a decent job and the film looks nice enough, but the second part of the film is just too by the numbers.

Get on Up

2014 / 139m - USA
Drama, Music
Get on Up poster

The Help

2011 / 146m - USA
The Help poster