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Seven Warriors

Zhong Yi Qun Ying
1989 / 94m - Hong Kong
Seven Warriors poster

Not the first Seven Samurai adaptation, but no doubt one of the shortest. Leave it to Hong Kong to reduce a film like that to half its running time and still have time left for some inconsequential filler. This isn't the greatest heroic bloodshed flick, but the ending alone makes this fun filler.

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A group of bandits is eyeing the harvest of a small village. Aware that they can't defend themselves, they hire 7 noble men who band together to defend the village from the bandits. Once the traps are set and the weapons are gathered, all they can do is face the bandits when they come to collect the harvest.

The setup of the film is still too long, sporting mediocre drama and some unnecessary diversions. It's all building up to a sprawling finale that lasts a good 30 minutes. If you love yourself some Hong Kong heroic bloodshed action, you won't be disappointed, this film goes completely berserk.


Lie Huo Qing Chun
1982 / 96m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance, Thriller
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