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Final Victory

Zui Hou Sheng Li
1987 / 93m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance, Crime
Final Victory poster

After This Our Exile

Fu Zi
2006 / 121m - Hong Kong
After This Our Exile poster

My Heart Is That Eternal Rose

Sha Shou Hu Die Meng
1989 / 90m - Hong Kong
Drama, Action, Crime
My Heart Is That Eternal Rose poster

A film that reminded me of Wong Kar-Wai, Johnnie To and John Woo. Quite a handful, sadly Tam isn't as great a director. The terrible score, mediocre performances and lack of slick editing downgrade this film from what could've been a masterpiece. The potential was there, the execution was a little lacking though.

The Sword

Ming Jian
1980 / 85m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller
The Sword poster

Patrick Tam's first film is a nice showcase of his talents. It's a pretty basic martial arts film, but executed with considerable attention to detail. What it gains in proper cinematography and acting though, it loses in pure adrenaline. The drama in between can get pretty cheesy, but apart from that this is a solid effort.

Septet: The Story of Hong Kong

Qi Ren Yue Dui
2020 / 113m - Hong Kong
Drama - Anthology
Septet: The Story of Hong Kong poster

Not the greatest anthology. Don't be fooled by the names involved, I know they include some of the biggest Hong Kong directors from the past few decades, but the anthology itself is quite rigid and singular. Only Tsui Hark dares to do something different, the rest all went for sentimental throwbacks. Much like their Chinese counterparts.

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The stories are pretty simple, Sammo Hung reminisces about classic martial arts training, To looks at the stock market, Ann Hui digs up the old school life and Patrick Tam finds two lovers torn apart. Hark is the only one who had a bit of fun, throwing us inside a mental hospital where doctors and patients are too alike to distinguish.

I'm not a fan of nostalgia and sentimentality, many of the directors present aren't really equipped to deal with these themes either. It would've been a lot better if they'd stayed closer to their signature craft, that's what the anthology concept is for. A little disappointing, though I can't say I'm all that surprised. Hark deserves lots of props for his short though.


Lie Huo Qing Chun
1982 / 96m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance, Thriller
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Love Massacre

Ai Sha
1981 / 91m - Hong Kong
Romance, Mystery
Love Massacre poster

Patrick Tam does his best to deliver a stylish thriller, but his attempt isn't entirely successful. The film is a little too reliant on the plot, not all actors are up to the task and visually it's a mixed bag. It's definitely better than the average Hong Kong genre effort, but despite some decent moments the film fails to engage.