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Hong Kong's primary action choreographer, though he also directed a few martial arts masterpieces of his own. Not the most unique or gifted director of the bunch, but when it comes to kick-ass action sequences there are few who can best him.

The good stuff

Iron Monkey

Siu Nin Wong Fei Hung Ji Tit Ma Lau
1993 / 90m - Hong Kong
Iron Monkey poster

Iron Monkey is a film that doesn't disappoint. There's enough creativity, silliness and genuine love for the genre to keep me coming back for more.

True Legend

Su Qi-Er
2010 / 116m - China
True Legend poster

The 3-way story split might be a bit of a gamble, but looking back I actually enjoyed the extra depth it brought to the film.

Twin Warriors

Tai Ji Zhang San Feng
1993 / 96m - Hong Kong
Twin Warriors poster

An action-packed collaboration between Jet Li and Woo-ping Yuen, released in '93, the magical year for Hong Kong martial arts cinema. Twin Warriors doesn't disappoint, though it isn't until the moment that Yuen starts developing the Tai Chi martial arts that it really rises above itself. Crazy action scenes, daft comedy, wild cinematography and inventive fight choreographies make this film a real treat for martial arts fans.

Solid pieces

Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

Ye Wen Wai Zhuan: Zhang Tian Zhi
2018 / 107m - Hong Kong
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy poster

A fun Ip Man spin-off. Yuen always was a better action choreographer than he was a director though, and it shows. Not serious enough to be a great crime flick, not fun enough to be a great martial arts epic. It's definitely not a bad film, there's a lot of fun to be had, but it lacks the refinement of a bona fide masterpiece.

The Thousand Faces of Dunjia

Qi Men Dun Jia
2017 / 113m - China
Fantasy, Action, Adventure
The Thousand Faces of Dunjia poster

The Beautiful Secret Agent

Wing Chun
1994 / 96m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama, Action
The Beautiful Secret Agent poster

Heroes among Heroes

So Hak-Yi
1993 / 91m - Hong Kong
Drama, Action
Heroes among Heroes poster

Drunken Tai-Chi

Siu Tai Gik
1984 / 91m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Drunken Tai-Chi poster

The Miracle Fighters

Qi Men Dun Jia
1982 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Horror
The Miracle Fighters poster

Magnificent Butcher

Lin Shi Rong
1979 / 108m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama, Action
Magnificent Butcher poster

Drunken Master

Jui Kuen
1978 / 111m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Drunken Master poster

The inoffensive

Septet: The Story of Hong Kong poster

Not the greatest anthology. Don't be fooled by the names involved, I know they include some of the biggest Hong Kong directors from the past few decades, but the anthology itself is quite rigid and singular. Only Tsui Hark dares to do something different, the rest all went for sentimental throwbacks. Much like their Chinese counterparts.

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The stories are pretty simple, Sammo Hung reminisces about classic martial arts training, To looks at the stock market, Ann Hui digs up the old school life and Patrick Tam finds two lovers torn apart. Hark is the only one who had a bit of fun, throwing us inside a mental hospital where doctors and patients are too alike to distinguish.

I'm not a fan of nostalgia and sentimentality, many of the directors present aren't really equipped to deal with these themes either. It would've been a lot better if they'd stayed closer to their signature craft, that's what the anthology concept is for. A little disappointing, though I can't say I'm all that surprised. Hark deserves lots of props for his short though.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

Wo Hu Cang Long 2: Qing Ming Bao Jian
2016 / 96m - China
Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny poster

Tai Chi Boxer

Tai Ji Quan
1996 / 96m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance, Action
Tai Chi Boxer poster

Fire Dragon

Huo Yun Chuan Qi
1994 / 90m - Hong Kong
Fire Dragon poster

In the Line of Duty 4

Huang Jia Shi Jie Zhi IV: Zhi Ji Zheng Ren
1989 / 94m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
In the Line of Duty 4 poster

Mismatched Couples

Ching Fung Dik Sau
1985 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance, Action
Mismatched Couples poster


Yong Zhe Wu Ju
1981 / 91m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Horror
Dreadnaught poster

The Buddhist Fist

Fo Zhang Luo Han Quan
1980 / 90m - Hong Kong
The Buddhist Fist poster

Dance of the Drunk Mantis

Nan Bei Zui Quan
1979 / 94m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Dance of the Drunk Mantis poster

Worthy but flawed

Tiger Cage 3

Leng Mian Ju Ji Dhou
1991 / 98m - Hong Kong
Tiger Cage 3 poster

Secret Master

Huo Yuan-Jia
1982 / 89m - Hong Kong
Secret Master poster

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Se Ying Diu Sau
1978 / 90m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Snake in the Eagle's Shadow poster

Dubious filler

Tiger Cage 2

Sai Hak Chin
1990 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Thriller, Crime
Tiger Cage 2 poster

Tiger Cage

Te Jing Tu Long
1988 / 92m - Hong Kong
Drama, Action, Crime
Tiger Cage poster

The Close Encounters of Vampire

Jiang Shi Pa Pa
1986 / 72m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Horror
The Close Encounters of Vampire poster

Woo-ping Yuen tried to cash on the vampire hype, but his attempt feels flimsy and rushed. Some mediocre martial arts, extremely over-the-top performances and loud comedy make this a forgettable affair. The fast pacing and some random weirdness kept me watching, but this is easily one of Yuen's worst films.

Plain forgettable

The Red Wolf

Hu Meng Wei Long
1995 / 92m - Hong Kong
The Red Wolf poster