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The Deeper You Dig

2019 / 92m - USA
The Deeper You Dig poster

The Adamses made a film. Usually, it's not a very good sign when a large part of the cast and production crew share a last name. It tends to indicate you're dealing with a well-meant piece of amateurish trash. But kudos to this family, they did a pretty decent job making a solid horror flick.

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The Deeper You Dig isn't the most original horror film though, then again originality isn't really the strong suit of horror cinema. When a man hits a young girl with his car during a dark, snowy night, he decides to hide the body rather than call in the accident. What follows is a guilt-ridden trip with some occult elements thrown in for good measure.

The acting is pretty decent, the film is moody and the gritty and inhospitable setting adds a little extra grit. While the film is maybe 10 minutes too long, it never gets dulls and the intrigue remain intact until the very end. If you're starved for a good horror film, The Deeper You Dig is a pretty solid choice.


2021 / 86m - USA
Hellbender poster

The Adams Family strikes again, this time with triple director credits. They're a peculiar family alright, and in some ways it's quite impressive what they've accomplished. It's just that Hellbender isn't really at the level where it should be. That doesn't bode too well for the future of their careers.

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Izzy lives with her mother high up a mountain. She has an immune disease and can't have any contact with other people. Her mother homeschooled Izzy and tries to keep her occupied, but Izzy wants friends her own age. She also begins to suspect her mother hasn't been entirely honest with her.

Take some random stills and this probably looks like a worthy, stylish horror flick. But the direction and the performances make it feel a lot cheaper. There are some interesting/memorable moments and the hellbender lore is cool enough, the execution is just not that great.