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Let the Bullets Fly

Rang Zi Dan Fei
2010 / 132m - China
Let the Bullets Fly poster

It's a remarkable blend of arthouse and commercial cinema that strikes a perfect balance between entertainment and cinematic wonder, one of the most stylishly entertaining films out there.

Hidden Man

Xie Bu Ya Zheng
2018 / 137m - China
Comedy, Action, Crime
Hidden Man poster

Good to see Wen Jiang still has it. For the larger part Hidden Man is on par with Let the Bullets Fly, featuring that same, smirky light-heartedness that makes Jiang's post-2000 work such a delight. Superb cinematography, actors who are in on the joke and an amusing plot make this a fun watch, though not as exuberant as Let the Bullets Fly.

The Sun Also Rises

Tai Yang Zhao Chang Sheng Qi
2007 / 116m - China
Drama, Mystery
The Sun Also Rises poster

Strong on every level, juicy and playful, it's a neat little diamond in the rough. Recommended for adventurous film fans.

Gone with the Bullets

Yi Bu Zhi Yao
2014 / 140m - China
Comedy, Action, Crime
Gone with the Bullets poster

In the Heat of the Sun

Yang Guang Can lan De Ri Zi
1994 / 134m - China
Drama, Romance
In the Heat of the Sun poster

A decent, nicely shot and entertaining coming of age drama. It's a little long and Jiang is merely sticking to what's known to been working in the genre, but the acting is fine, the cinematography is solid and the characters are quite fun to hang around with. Not his greatest work, but a good start to his career nonetheless.

Devils on the Doorstep

Guizi Lai Le
2000 / 139m - China
Comedy, Drama, War
Devils on the Doorstep poster

Disappointing film from Jiang. The erratic camera doesn't work that well, characters are very loud and obnoxious and the running time is simply inexcusable. There are some decent moments and the use of black and white is fine, but that alone won't save this film. Luckily his more recent work is way better than this.