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The good stuff

The Book of Eli

by Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes
2010 / 118m - USA
Sci-fi, Action
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That said, The Book Of Eli is definitely one of the best things I've seen coming from Hollywood this year. It's all style and atmosphere, wonderfully executed and well acted.

Solid pieces

New York, I Love You

by Fatih Akin, Yvan Attal, Randall Balsmeyer, Allen Hughes, Shunji Iwai, Wen Jiang, Shekhar Kapur, Joshua Marston, Mira Nair, Natalie Portman, Brett Ratner
2008 / 103m - USA
Comedy, Drama, Romance
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From Hell

by Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes
2001 / 122m - USA
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
From Hell poster

The inoffensive

Broken City

by Allen Hughes
2013 / 109m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Broken City poster