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Silent Möbius 2

Sairento Mebiusu 2
1992 / 58m - Japan
Animation, Sci-fi
Silent Möbius 2 poster

An unavoidable sequel. The first OAV was a proper success, so it was no surprise more Silent Mobius would be following. It's a bit of a shame this second film never lives up to its promise though. It's almost a replica of the first one, but less tight in just about every department. Still good fun for the dedicated genre fan, but nothing that goes above and beyond.

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After the events of the first film, Katsumi is eager to leave Tokyo behind and return to her home. When she is ready to board her flight, she is denied access. The special police force wants to recruit her and doesn't mind playing a little dirty. Meanwhile, new monsters have begun to terrorize the city. The force could really use Katsumi's special powers to defeat them.

The animation seems a bit less refined, the extra focus on drama doesn't work that well and the structure is a carbon copy of the first Silent Mobius OAV. It's still a pretty cool universe to reside in for 60 minutes, but this felt more like random series filler than a proper stand-alone film. Not bad if you liked the first one, pretty redundant if you didn't.