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Secret Fruit

Mi Guo
2017 / 99m - China
Romance, Drama
Secret Fruit poster

Secret Fruit is a stylistic highlight that feels cosy and warm and charms its way from start to finish.

Make Up

Ming Yun Hua Zhuang Shi
2011 / 107m - Taiwan
Drama, Crime
Make Up poster

The ending could've been better and lacks impact though. While not bad or disappointing, it somehow lacks the strength to bring the separate parts of the film to an appropriate conclusion.

Solid pieces

Peace Breaker

2017 / 112m - China
Peace Breaker poster

Sweet Alibis

Tian Mi Sha Ji
2014 / 113m - Taiwan
Comedy, Romance
Sweet Alibis poster

Fun crime comedy, but ultimately just a little too slick and too wrapped up in its own twists. Lien fares better when he does drama or romance, but his crime comedies aren't that bad. Lush cinematography, good pacing and decent acting make this into a solid film.