Prophecy poster


by John Frankenheimer

Fares well as an eco-thriller. The build-up is proper, the acting fine and the mystery is adequate. But once Frankenheimer switches from less is more to more is less, things go downhill real fast. The horror is laughable, the monster incredibly silly and the entire finale is a complete drag. A waste of potential.

Troublesome Night 1 poster

Troublesome Night 1

by Wai-Man Cheng, Long-Cheung Tam, Herman Yau

The very beginning of the infamous Troublesome Night series. While a little better than expected, that particular blend of Hong Kong horror and comedy never really did it for me. The presentation is decent enough, it just never becomes scary nor funny. Not for me, but clearly local audiences thought differently.

Zoe poster


by Drake Doremus

Romance and sci-fi are rarely a good combination, but Drake Doremus is clearly gifted and he succeeds where many have failed before. Zoe is above all a wonderful romantic drama, but with some thoughtful sci-fi themes embedded and presented with the proper flair. Both smart and touching, a rarity indeed.

The Toybox poster

The Toybox

by Tom Nagel

It feels like Nagel was trying to reinvent the wheel here, it's just that he lacks the talent. The Toybox harks back to the mid-00s horror hype, and while the film shows clear signs of visual competence, the horrendous editing, sound design and acting completely ruin it. It's hard to believe this is a 2018 film.

Don't Leave Home poster

Don't Leave Home

by Michael Tully

Could be a mystery, could be a thriller, could just as well be a failed horror film. Don't Leave Home lacks passion, atmosphere, darkness, intrigue. Just about everything that makes a genre film like this one tick. What is left is a soulless and empty exercise in quick and dirty genre filmmaking. Better avoid this one.