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Japan - 75 years old
R.I.P. (1946 - 2022)
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The man who managed to make pinku films classy. By mixing in crime elements and making sure his films rose above their budgetary limitations, Ishii built up an oeuvre that knows few lows and aptly distinguishes itself from its peers.


Gonin Saga

Gonin Sâga
2015 / 129m - Japan
Gonin Saga poster

Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend

Figyua na Anata
2013 / 112m - Japan
Fantasy, Thriller
Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend poster

Takashi Ishii is a unique force in Japanese cinema. Often focusing on the bizarre and the perverse, Ishii makes films that exist far outside the comfort zone of the normal. By all means his films should come off as cheap shlock, possibly interesting in concept only, but for some obscure reason Ishii has managed to produce a consistent track of high quality output throughout the years.

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Figyua na Anata is his latest and pretty much fits the profile. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Video Girl Ai and Koreeda's Air Doll, the film's about a lone loser finding a doll that comes to life. It's actually a pretty popular setup in Japanese manga and anime, only Ishii's vision is a tad more perverse than usually the case. Instead of jolly encounters and fluffy awkwardness, expect dark allies, murdering yakuza and pinku influences.

But it doesn't really stop there. Ishii goes on to create a rather sad tale of loneliness and despair, hidden in a blur of fighting dolls. The film follows a young editor (Kentaro) who loses his job and goes out on a drinking spree. He ends up messing with the wrong people and while fleeing into an abandoned building, happens upon a strange, life-like doll. When his assailants finally catch up with him, the doll comes to life and saves his life. The next morning Kentaro wakes up and takes the doll home, acting as if she's become his girlfriend.

The final 20 minutes border on the absurd, giving Figyua na Anata that extra little boost to make it stand out from similar films. Takashi Ishii is a strange man, his films never really appealed to me that much but upon closer inspection there's a lot of quality hidden under their raunchy exteriors. Well worth a try if you're looking for something different.

Sweet Whip

Amai Muchi
2013 / 118m - Japan
Sweet Whip poster

A Night in Nude: Salvation

Nûdo no Yoru: Ai wa Oshiminaku Ubau
2010 / 127m - Japan
Thriller, Crime
A Night in Nude: Salvation poster

One of the few remaining Ishii films I'd yet to see. Salvation is a loose follow up to Ishii's own A Night in Nude, though it seems more of a conceptual series than a film set in the same universe as the first one. You can expect a very similar setup though, and Naoto Takenaka returns as the lead actor, which is always a plus.

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Contrary to what the title suggests, there isn't that much nudity here. A Night in Nude seems more interested in crime and thriller elements, though the setting still allows for showing a little skin here and there. In that sense, it's closer to Gonin than it is to Flower and Snake.

Performances are pretty good, the film is very moody and the detective plot is intriguing enough. While the first part is pretty solid, Ishii goes into overdrive the final 30 minutes and delivers a gripping finale that is by far the best I've seen from him. It's a shame the rest wasn't on the same level, otherwise this could've been Ishii's definite masterpiece.

Flower and Snake 2: Paris/Shizuko

Hana to Hebi 2: Pari/Shizuko
2005 / 118m - Japan
Flower and Snake 2: Paris/Shizuko poster

Sequel to Ishii's earlier reboot. If you're familiar with Ishii (or the other films in the series), you'll know what to expect. Rather raunchy and risky material, but delivered with style. The film looks nice, the actors are solid and it's appropriately dark and moody. Some scenes go on too long, but apart from that pretty interesting.

Gonin 2

1996 / 108m - Japan
Action, Crime
Gonin 2 poster

It took me years to see Takashi Ishii's Gonin, and even though I liked it a lot, I never managed to find the time to watch its sequel. Somehow these films have faded from people's memories, and it's hard to say why, as the quality is obviously there. This second one sure didn't disappoint.

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When a gang of Yakuza puts the pressure on Masamichi for him being late with his payments, they go a little overboard. They rape his wife, who kills herself not long after. Masamichi wants revenge, and finds help when he runs into a gang of five women who mess up a heist by the same Yakuza gang.

Ishii's direction is on point. The camera work is stylish, the use of color moody, the score is on point and with Ken Ogata in the lead the performances are better than the norm. It's a very atmospheric, slick and edgy crime flick that kept me glued to the screen. Not quite a masterpiece, but it certainly doesn't deserve to be forgotten.


1995 / 109m - Japan
Action, Crime
Gonin poster

A Night in Nude

Nûdo no Yoru
1993 / 110m - Japan
Thriller, Crime
A Night in Nude poster

A dark and stylish thriller that is surprisingly low on erotic elements, despite its title and the director's reputation. Takenaka is an excellent lead, the dark and neon-lit interiors add to the atmosphere and the story is a little strange, but entertaining. This early Ishii is worth seeking out, unless you prefer his sleazier output.

Flower and Snake

Hana to Hebi
2004 / 115m - Japan
Flower and Snake poster

Takashi Ishii is one of the best pinku directors around, though that's maybe because he doesn't always work within the general rules of the genre. Flower and Snake is a remake, but it feels very much like vintage Ishii. It's a film that indulges in kinks and offers an interesting mix of crime and erotica.

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A politician gets blackmailed by a powerful Yakuza boss. The boss has incriminating evidence and in return, he wants access to the politician's wife. She's a famous dancer and the Yakuza boss is smitten by her. The politician can't but accept, but he has no idea what he's getting his wife into.

The intro's a bit basic, but once the wife is captured there are some stark images and memorable scenes. This film won't be for everyone, as it is quite graphic and kinky, but there's a lot more than mere titillation, and the finale is quite something. The first half keeps it from being a true personal favorite, but fans of Ishii should give this one a go.

The Brutal Hopelessness of Love

Hito ga Hito o Ai Suru Koto no Doshiyo mo Nasa
2007 / 117m - Japan
The Brutal Hopelessness of Love poster

Takashi Ishii doing his version of Perfect Blue. It's very direct, way more twisted and quite a bit darker, but that's to be expected. Ishii does a good job elevating what is basically a pretty sleazy and perverted film, but the first hour is a little tough and his experiments with digital aren't always successful. Still worth a try.

Black Angel Vol. 2

Kuro no Tenshi Vol. 2
1999 / 105m - Japan
Action, Crime
Black Angel Vol. 2 poster

Black Angel Vol. 1

Kuro no Tenshi Vol. 1
1997 / 107m - Japan
Action, Crime
Black Angel Vol. 1 poster

Alone in the Night

Yoru ga Mata Kuru
1994 / 108m - Japan
Thriller, Crime
Alone in the Night poster

Typical 90s Takashi Ishii film. With its roots firmly in the pinku genre, Ishii adds plenty of crime elements and gives the whole a nice polish. The cinematography is remarkable, the plot is interesting enough and the drama has actual impact. It's far from a masterpiece, but very entertaining and much better than you'd expect a film like this to be.

Original Sin

Shinde Mo Ii
1992 / 117m - Japan
Drama, Romance
Original Sin poster

Early Takashi Ishii. Not quite as edgy as his later work, instead it feels more like general repetition for his own Gonin. A young Masatoshi Nagase steals the show, Ishii himself adds to the fun with some well-directed scenes. Pacing and styling could use some work, but overall it's a fine film.

Orchids Under the Moon

Gekka no Ran
1991 / 88m - Japan
Thriller, Crime
Orchids Under the Moon poster

Solid, straight-forward crime flick by Takashi Ishii. Ishii keeps his trademark pinku influences to a minimum and goes for a more direct revenge flick. There are some decent performances and a few tense moments, but it's the moody soundtrack that sets this film apart from its peers. Simple genre film, well executed.


Furîzu Mî
2000 / 101m - Japan
Romance, Thriller
Freezer poster

Angel Guts: Red Dizziness

Tenshi no Harawata: Akai Memai
1988 / 74m - Japan
Drama, Thriller
Angel Guts: Red Dizziness poster

Angel Guts 6: Red Flash

Tenshi no Harawata: Akai Senkô
1994 / 87m - Japan
Drama, Thriller
Angel Guts 6: Red Flash poster