The Craft poster

The Craft

by Andrew Fleming

Simple but fun teen horror that doesn't really deliver on its premise, but is still a decent watch because of its enthusiastic quartet of lead actresses. Don't expect anything spooky or crazy, just some high school payback as four wannabe witches experiment with powers that reach way beyond their control.

Love/Juice poster


by Kaze Shindo

Sweet, small and intimate drama about two roommates who want different thing out of life. The styling is fine but on a technical level it's a pretty cheap film. The acting is solid, the soundtrack decent enough and the drama works. It's not masterpiece material, but nice filler with a pleasantly short running time.

An Incovenient Truth poster

An Incovenient Truth

by Davis Guggenheim

The message of this doc is still relevant, but the form is quite disappointing. There's too much personal stuff on Gore in there, time that could be spent on digger deeper into the numbers and graphs. At times it feels like attending a seminar, but the bottom line is still worth repeating and at least it's focused on science.

The Green Hornet poster

The Green Hornet

by Michel Gondry

It's a bit weird seeing Gondry tackle a superhero flick, but the result is quite decent, especially when looking at the competition. The lighter mood is a blessing, Chou and Rogen are a decent duo and the finale was pretty fun and spectacular. It's definitely not a film without faults, but I expected a lot worse.

Green Tea poster

Green Tea

by Yuan Zhang

Mysterious and sultry romance that puts Doyle's camera on Wen Jiang and Zhao Wei. Zhang keeps his film playful and youthful, the soundtrack is amusing and the acting on point. Needless to say, but Doyle also delivers. One of the films that signalled a new era for Chinese cinema, it still holds up today.

Down a Dark Hall poster

Down a Dark Hall

by Rodrigo Cortés

A horror mainly aimed at young adults. While the film is atmospheric and production values are high, Cortés refuses to build up and prolong tension. The potential for a good horror flick is definitely there, the concept is interesting, but when it's money time it's really underwhelming. A missed opportunity.

Mechanic: Resurrection poster

Mechanic: Resurrection

by Dennis Gansel

An action film in its purest form. Take away logic, take away character progression, take away plot. Just introduce Jason Statham and have him kick ass for roughly 100 minutes in various exotic locations. The result is what it is. If you like a simple action flick, this is an easy recommend. If you hate them, just avoid this one.

St. Elmo's Fire poster

St. Elmo's Fire

by Joel Schumacher

Often referred to as the spiritual successor to The Breakfast Club, which may explain why this one didn't do it for me. Many familiar names in the cast but they can't elevate the annoying, whiney characters they're supposed to portray. The drama is flat and Schumacher seems unable to create any kind of spark.

Street Angels poster

Street Angels

by Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang

Pretty mediocre blend of action, crime and drama. Billy Tang is a somewhat generic director, the night club setting isn't too original and the drama never impresses. But there's some decent genre stuff in there, the pacing is fine and the actors do an okay job. It's simple filler, but it's an easy film to sit through.

Anaconda poster


by Luis Llosa

A tragic attempt to make a horror film. The acting is uninspired, the effects (both traditional and CG) are laughable and Llosa has no clue how to create a tense or thrilling atmosphere. Then there is Jon Voight, who delivers one of the worst performances ever caught on film. A real disaster this one, never again.

Bad News Bears poster

Bad News Bears

by Richard Linklater

Technically a remake, but who cares. Disgruntled old man has to coach a team of loser kids, things start off terrible, get progressively better, enter a short drama dip and as for the ending .. well, I'm not going to spoil it for you. Linklater has little to add to the film, lucky Thornton is there to keep is somewhat interesting.

The 3rd Eye poster

The 3rd Eye

by Rocky Soraya

Indonesian horror that mixes local ingredients with familiar Hollywood fare. The result is a little uneven, with a few bland performances and some poor CG scares, but there are also a couple of decent twists, the cinematography is nice and the latter half delivers on its premise. All in all pretty decent filler.

No Risk, No Gain poster

No Risk, No Gain

by Jimmy Heung, Taylor Wong

Casino Raiders spin-off, though marketed as a sequel. Hong Kong franchises can get confusing. Expect more Jing Wong gambling fun, only with a sharper action edge, kudos to the direction of Taylor Wong. The mix doesn't really work that well though and mediocre performances drag the film further down.

Apostle poster


by Gareth Evans

Evans ventures into the land of folklore horror. There's definitely potential there, but the film itself is a bit too uneven. The sluggish introduction has little pay-off and Evans' trademark nervous camera work doesn't do the horror justice. The finale is pretty cool though, just don't expect to see a full-blown horror flick.