They'll Love Me When I'm Dead poster

They'll Love Me When I'm Dead

by Morgan Neville

Doc on the making of Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind. It paints Welles as a complacent director and brings together a bunch of survivors that are more keen to appear on camera rather than tell their story. Even so, behind all the smoke and bullshit there are some (though few) interesting things to be seen.

Mowgli poster


by Andy Serkis

Serkis' version may not having singing bears, but it does feature talking animals. A damn shame for a film that tries to deliver a somewhat darker and more mature version of Jungle Book. The fact that the animation is rather poor and that the character designs are completely off doesn't help either. Pretty bad.

The Trough poster

The Trough

by Nick Cheung

Decent but somewhat overwrought Hong Kong thriller. Nick Cheung is an okay director, he just lacks what makes other directors great. The film takes itself a little too serious, luckily it looks pretty good and there are some fine action sequences to take your mind off things. Decent filler, but it's a shame it tried to be more.

That Sugar Film poster

That Sugar Film

by Damon Gameau

Another health doc, this time about sugar. Like most health docs, the presenter thinks too highly of himself and the doom message is a little hard to swallow. I'm sure there are some stone cold facts hidden away in here, it's just too much trouble fishing them out of the pile of rubbish that surrounds them.

The Other Side of the Wind poster

The Other Side of the Wind

by Orson Welles

Welles' final film, finally completed. I'm not a big Orson Welles fan, this pompous, self-important film about film didn't do much to change my mind about him. The editing is poor, the dialogue is grating and the running time is impossible to defend. He should've taken it to the grave with him.

One Cut of the Dead poster

One Cut of the Dead

by Shin'ichirĂ´ Ueda

The first 30 minutes are a little challenging and little more than cheap genre fare, the following hour is considerably more fun. Still a bit overhyped, the concept is smart, the execution is fine but overall it's still a little plain and it's budgetary limitations are clear at all times. A fun watch, but no masterpiece.

Mary Poppins Returns poster

Mary Poppins Returns

by Rob Marshall

A worthy successor to the first film, but I didn't like that one much either. Bombastic music, lengthy musical numbers and that core Disney feeling. If you liked the first one, I'm sure this one will be a pleasant surprise, for me though it's just too sugary and way too focused on the musical elements.

Mandy poster


by Panos Cosmatos

Completely bonkers. Cosmatos picks up where he left off with his previous film, but dials up the horror a notch or two. The result is an absolutely mad, although slightly uneven trip into the world of the occult. A few too many nods to the 80s, but apart from that it's a riveting and totally unique experience. Great stuff.

Little Shop of Horrors poster

Little Shop of Horrors

by Frank Oz

Oz' remake of the 60s film and Broadway musical. It's a cheeky and juicy effort, the kind of thing you'd expect from Oz. The primary reason why this film still works is the fact that the cheese is baked into the concept, everybody clearly had a lot of fun making this and as an audience it's very easy to go along with.

Johnny English Strikes Again poster

Johnny English Strikes Again

by David Kerr

The third instalment is just as pointless as the first two films, but if you need some comedy filler this can probably pass as a decent option. Not enough jokes that work all that well and Atkinson simply repeats his old tricks, but there are a few laughs and giggles along the way, though hardly anything memorable.

A Simple Favor poster

A Simple Favor

by Paul Feig

A Simple Favor wants to be smart, tries to be smart but is so eager to please that it just falls flat. To make a film like this work the story needs to be more natural and the cues and clues can't be so on the nose. The actors do a decent job, but the rest is just plain mediocre and fails to entertain for the entire running time.

New Year's Eve poster

New Year's Eve

by Garry Marshall

Cheesy and cheap. A whole bunch of B-grade actors are thrown into a sappy story that tries to celebrate the "wonder" of New Year's Eve. The comedy is horrendous, the drama terrible and none of the (many) stories has anything interesting to say. At least corporate sponsors had a ball with this one (hello Nivea).

Roma poster


by Alfonso Cuaron

Hyped up drama that feels way too much like a run of the mill arthouse film. The camerawork is lazy, the black & white photography not distinct enough and the drama too on the nose. There's been a lot of noise about this film appearing on Netflix so fast, well I'm glad I didn't spend a dime watching this in a theatre.

Teefa in Trouble poster

Teefa in Trouble

by Ahsan Rahim

My first film from Pakistan, although I have to say that it did feel a lot like Bollywood cinema, offering a blend of different genres coupled with some musical interludes. It's decent and entertaining enough, but the lack of focus is somewhat annoying and the fact that half the film is set in Poland is just plain weird.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason poster

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

by Beeban Kidron

Pretty much a copy of the first film, but with more extravagant events and locations. That doesn't change a whole lot though, the dynamic is still exactly the same as in the first film. There are a couple of genuine laughs and the main actors are well cast, but overall it's a bit too simple and a little too predictable.