Breakfast at Tiffany's poster

Breakfast at Tiffany's

by Blake Edwards

Pretty decent. The chemistry between Hepburn and Peppard is what makes this film tick, even though they're both not the most congenial of characters. The drama near the end is a bit overdone though, the more light-hearted start suited the film better. All in all not a bad watch, but far from perfect.

Like a Dragon poster

Like a Dragon

by Takashi Miike

A lesser known Miike, but that doesn't mean it's less fun. One of his last Yakuza-themed films, but don't expect anything too serious. The film is loosely based on the Yakuza game franchise and is a hoot from start to finish. Action, crime, comedy, a few typical Miike moments. Not his best work, but still worth a look.

The Arch poster

The Arch

by Shu Shuen Tong

Notable because this is the first Hong Kong drama film directed by a female director, but that's about it. The drama is poor and imposed, the camera work and editing feel extremely amateurish and the ever-present soundtrack is simply maddening. It may deserve its place in history, but it's far from a good film.

Universal Soldier poster

Universal Soldier

by Roland Emmerich

Very mediocre action flick. Lundgren is a terrible actor that completely fails his part, Van Damme isn't much better and Walker is completely forgettable. The action is pretty dull, the comic interludes are misplaced and Emmerich has no added value. It spawned plenty of sequels though, but it's just not for me.

Ghost Town poster

Ghost Town

by David Koepp

Ricky Gervais being Ricky Gervais. Sadly New York isn't the best place for him to be himself. Gervais is so typically British that he doesn't really fare well within an American environment. There are some funny bits, mostly when he's by himself, but whenever he mixes with the rest of the cast the film is just mediocre.

The Rezort poster

The Rezort

by Steve Barker

Nifty variation on the zombie genre, borrowing royally from Jurassic Park while taking that idea to some good places. The middle part is less interesting as it devolves into more traditional zombie territory, luckily the ending makes up for that. Great fun, which is pretty exceptional for a zombie flick these days.

Patient Seven poster

Patient Seven

by Danny Draven, Paul Davis, Ómar Örn Hauksson, Dean Hewison, Joel Morgan, Johannes Persson, Nicholas Peterson, Erlingur Thoroddsen, Rasmus Wassberg

Pretty decent anthology that slightly outstays its welcome. Could've done with one less short, though it's pretty hard to say which one should've been cut. The quality is pretty consistent, even though the shorts themselves offer quite a lot of variety. The Body was my favourite short of the bunch, the rest wasn't far behind.

Song of the Exile poster

Song of the Exile

by Ann Hui

Pretty unattractive and tepid drama by Ann Hui. I'm not getting along very well with Hui's older work, though I had slight hopes because Song of the Exile featured Maggie Cheung. While Cheung's performance is fine, the rest of the film really isn't and even though it's pretty short, it still dragged a lot.

Root Cause poster

Root Cause

by Frazer Bailey

Another health doc that does itself a major disserve by presenting itself like a cheap commercial and by not properly explaining why its proposed science isn't catching on. Also mingling Western and Eastern science is never a good idea. There might be some truth here, I just didn't buy it because of the way it was handled.

Devils on the Doorstep poster

Devils on the Doorstep

by Wen Jiang

Disappointing film from Jiang. The erratic camera doesn't work that well, characters are very loud and obnoxious and the running time is simply inexcusable. There are some decent moments and the use of black and white is fine, but that alone won't save this film. Luckily his more recent work is way better than this.

Inside the Boys poster

Inside the Boys

by Yue Zhan

Decent but somewhat formulaic and slightly uneventful horror film. Like most Chinese horror films, there's a more dramatic undercurrent that somewhat detracts from the horror, but Zhan finds a nice balance between both genres. Inside the Boys is hardly an essential film, but it's good filler nonetheless.