Detention poster


by Joseph Kahn
Specifics: USA [2011] - 93 mins
Genre: Comedy, Horror
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Pretty weird, insane and over-the-top horror/comedy. Not really a fan of the American high school setting, but the absurd comedy, the bloody slasher elements and the exuberant presentation make this a damn fun and entertaining film. Probably too weird for many, but it has everything to be a worthy cult hit.

Dolittle poster


by Stephen Gaghan
Specifics: USA [2020] - 101 mins
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
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Amusing adventure flick. The comedy is a little cheesy, the plot quite flimsy and Downey feels a bit stiff, but some decent set pieces and a general light-heartedness make this a pretty easy film to sit through. It's also rather short, which is always a relief with these kinds of blockbusters. Not as bad as I'd feared.

Dead Kids poster

Dead Kids

by Mikhail Red
Specifics: Philippines [2019] - 98 mins
Genre: Thriller
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Charming little film about a couple of unpopular boys planning to kidnap one of the school bullies. Mikhail Red's direction is solid, the film looks very nice and the action is on point. It's maybe a bit too plain to be a real stand-out feature, but Red is clearly growing as a director. Solid genre work and very nice filler.

8: A South African Horror Story poster

8: A South African Horror Story

by Harold Holscher
Specifics: South Africa [2019] - 100 mins
Genre: Horror
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A very solid horror flick. The execution is stylish and on point, the actors do a good job and the local (South-African) folklore gives it a little extra shine. It's never truly creepy or tense, but overall the film is pretty atmospheric and there are definitely some memorable scenes here. A very fun and welcome discovery.

Brahms: The Boy II poster

Brahms: The Boy II

by William Brent Bell
Specifics: USA [2020] - 86N/A mins
Genre: Horror
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Pointless and soulless sequel. I quite liked Bell's first film, but at least that one had something new to bring to the table. This is little more than a feeble haunted doll flick. Some decent scenes at the end, but the entire run-up to the finale is tame and derivative. And even though they left the door open for a third film, let's hope Bell will go on to direct something better.

Chiwawa poster


by Ken Ninomiya
Also know as: Chiwawa-chan
Specifics: Japan [2019] - 104 mins
Genre: Romance, Mystery
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Ken Ninomiya's second future is a blistering confirmation of the man's enormous talent. Vibrant, dynamic, colorful and in your face, but never without heart. Ninomiya's films are truly one of a kind. Clearly one of the rising talents of Japanese cinema and I'm glad that Chiwawa wasn't the disappointment if so easily could've been.

First Love poster

First Love

Also know as: Hatsukoi
Specifics: Japan, UK [2019] - 108 mins
Genre: Comedy, Crime
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Slightly disappointing, especially considering all the hype. The film feels a little tepid and too streamlined for a Miike film. There isn't enough craziness, there is too much focus on plot and it's just a little monotone. It's not a bad film really, but within Miike's oeuvre it is quickly eclipsed by much better films.

Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down poster

Lock Me Up, Tie Him Down

Also know as: Wan Mei Jia Qi 168
Specifics: China [2014] - 94 mins
Genre: Comedy, Thriller
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Fun and quirky little thriller. A less overt comedy from Jeffrey Lau this time around, but apparently that's not really an issue for this seasoned director. Solid performances from Vivian Hsu and Bo-lin Chen, pleasant pacing and snappy editing make this an entertaining film. A lovely and likable filler flick.

Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan poster

Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan

Also know as: Ai Nu Xin Zhuan
Specifics: Hong Kong [1984] - 88 mins
Genre: Romance, Action
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Not long ago I completely dismissed Yuen Chor's ability to do romance, now I have to retrace my steps. In a typical history/Shaw Bros setting, it appears Chor can work his magic. De mix of romance and action is solid, the film looks nice enough and the drama actually hits. An interesting experiment that is a lot classier than I expected it to be.

Table 19 poster

Table 19

by Jeffrey Blitz
Specifics: USA [2017] - 87 mins
Genre: Comedy, Drama
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The potential is there in the beginning, with a varied cast of quirky characters all gathered around the losers table at a wedding. But then the film gets swamped by poor drama, made worse by the cheesy ending. Actors like Robinson, Merchant and Kudrow keep the film from becoming a total disaster, but this could've been so much better.

Youth of the Beast poster

Youth of the Beast

by Seijun Suzuki
Also know as: Yajû no Seishun
Specifics: Japan [1963] - 92 mins
Genre: Action, Crime
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An early Suzuki that show signs of a budding director. The film is little more than a typical Yakuza tale, but a more outspoken set design, decent use of color and the presence of Jô Shishido give the film some extra flair. It's not a bad effort, but a little too basic to be engaging, especially when comparing it to Suzuki's later films.

Girls Unbutton poster

Girls Unbutton

by Taylor Wong
Also know as: Bat Kau Lau Dik Lui Hai
Specifics: Hong Kong [1994] - 89 mins
Genre: Comedy, Romance
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Pretty flimsy and cheesy comedy, not quite the film you'd expect from Taylor Wong. But the film is surprisingly upbeat and frivolous, making it a very each watch. It's also quite short and doesn't dwell too long on its drama. Definitely not the best film Wong has made, but it's somewhat decent filler, which is more than I expected.

Hello Ladies: The Movie poster

Hello Ladies: The Movie

by Stephen Merchant
Specifics: USA [2014] - 85 mins
Genre: Comedy, Romance
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A decent continuation of the series, wrapping up the loose ends of the first season. There's a bit more drama here, which was to expected I guess, but the awkward comedy is still very much present and both Merchant and Woods are great. A solid, funny romcom, though not quite as funny as I'd hoped.

Knives Out poster

Knives Out

by Rian Johnson
Specifics: USA [2019] - 131 mins
Genre: Thriller, Crime
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Rather plain and stuffy whodunnit. The story isn't all that interesting, neither are the characters/actors and Johnson's direction isn't much to get excited about either. It's just a rather plain genre film that goes through the motions without adding anything original or noteworthy. Unworthy of all the hype.