The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

2019 / 107m - USA
Fantasy, Adventure - Animation
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part poster

Even though I liked the games, I never cared much for the Lego movies. The first one was pretty horrible, I'm not even sure if I was aware they made a sequel. Apparently, they did though, and it made good money at the box office, so I figured I'd give it a try, even though my expectations were low.

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Brick Town is under attack from a Duplo invasion. These invaders destroy things faster than the people of Brick Town can rebuild. A mission to go look for the source of the Duplo invasion goes wrong and the heroes are never heard of again. Emmet is their final hope to figure out what's going on.

The comedy is terrible, the voice acting is distracting, and the musical bits are not good at all. Even the visual style isn't as inventive as it could've been, but it's a nice change of pace regardless. It's a pretty grating experience though, if only they could get the comedy right a lot of these films would be a lot easier to stomach.

Hannah and Her Sisters

1986 / 107m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Hannah and Her Sisters poster

A pretty recognizable Woody Allen film. I've seen quite a few now, and I'll say that the more I get used to his particular style, the less special it becomes. That's not too out of the ordinary, and I may need to revisit some of his other films to make a fair comparison, but Hannah and Her Sisters felt like a run-of-the-mill Allen.

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Hannah is married to Elliot. It's her second marriage and they're happily married, but that's about to change. Elliot falls for one of Hannah's sisters, who is in a relationship herself. Hannah feels something is off in her marriage, meanwhile, Hannah's other sister hooks up with Hannah's first husband.

There's a lot of neurotic banter, the setup gets increasingly more complicated, and the mix of drama and comedy isn't too bad. There's not too much to set the film apart from his other work though, and it lacks certain cinematic qualities to stand out. But if you like Allen's films, you won't be too disappointed with this one.

The Simpsons Movie

2007 / 87m - USA
Comedy - Animation
The Simpsons Movie poster

Being a pretty big Simpsons fan when I was younger, I caught this one in theaters when it was just released. In a sense, it's little more than an elongated TV episode, but they did make a real effort to create something a tad more cinematic. The animation was given a proper upgrade, the plot feels less rushed and the film is every bit as punny and silly as I remembered it to be. Revisiting the film was pleasant and comfortable, and considerably easier to tackle than going back to the series. In the end, it's just another Simpsons adventure though, there's nothing particularly grand or singular about this film, but for once I'm okay with that.

Meet the Feebles

1989 / 97m - New Zealand
Comedy, Musical, Music
Meet the Feebles poster

Smack in the middle of his two horror masterpieces, Peter Jackson directed this little oddity. It's a vulgar take on The Muppet Show, but that's where the fun lies. Rather than look at some wholesome and cute puppets, these abominations come with juicy accents and crude behavior.

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Bletch is the owner of a variety show, but his cast is a troubled bunch. Drug addiction, depression, and deceit are rampant, and Bletch himself cheats on the star of the show with another woman. When she finds out she is furious, and she decides to take matters into her own hands.

The idea is solid and there are some memorable moments scattered throughout, but its low-budget roots shine through once too often and some jokes are a little too easy. It does build up to a very worthy finale, where all characters come out guns blazing, but it's not quite the masterpiece I remembered it to be. It's still a lot of fun though.


2023 / 86m - Colombia
Horror, Thriller
Quicksand poster

A thriller titled Quicksand, the plot writes itself. And so it does, at least for the most part, as there are also snakes involved. It's a completely random combination and even though the animals aren't entirely irrelevant to the plot, I never quite figured out the reason for combining the two.

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A recently divorced couple ends up in Colombia on an assignment. The day before, they decide to go hiking together. They run into a poacher, but things get a whole lot worse when they flee and end up in a pool of quicksand. Nobody knows they are out there, and the place is teeming with venomous snakes.

It's a core genre flick, so after a short intro most of the time is spent with two people trying to escape the quicksand. Don't expect anything out of the ordinary, but the presentation is nice, the pacing is solid and there's a worthy finale. Good filler, and a nice little lead-up to the October month.

No Dogs or Italians Allowed

Interdit aux Chiens et aux Italiens
2022 / 70m - France
Drama - Animation
No Dogs or Italians Allowed poster

A cute European stop-motion animation. The film isn't all that ambitious and it treads familiar paths, but it is executed with plenty of charm and the runtime is quite short, so fans of stop-motion films will definitely find something to enjoy here. I just didn't find it all that memorable or significant.

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The film tells the history of an Italian family moving to France during the war. They start their story in a small mountain village in Italy, but the area is poor, and hoping to give his family a better life, the narrator's grandfather decides to move away. They cross the mountains to France, where they start over.

The wartime setting feels familiar, the stop-motion animation is decent but never remarkable. The characters are pleasant, the pacing is slick and there are cute touches sprinkled throughout, but it all amounts to little. I was hoping for something that would make an actual impact, but if you don't mind a short, animated family chronicle, go for it.


Muriel ou Le Temps d'un Retour
1963 / 115m -
Muriel poster

A disappointing Resnais. It's difficult to believe just two years earlier he directed Marienbad. In contrast, Muriel is a straightforward production, with murky colors, some basic drama, and bland characters. A far cry from the befuddling and more challenging film he made two years before.

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Old lovers reunite when Alphonse returns to the village Hélène resides. Hélène is a middle-aged widow who runs an antique shop, Alphonse is on the road with his niece Françoise, who is in fact his younger lover. Bertrand, Hélène's stepson, takes Françoise out to see the town, so Hélène and Alphonse can catch up about the old days.

The film isn't as dreary or dramatic as the plot makes it out to be, but the cinematography sure looks that way. Drab and grimey colors give the film a very unattractive look, while the soundtrack doesn't really make things better either. I didn't care much for the drama and the characters either, so in the end, there wasn't much left for me to appreciate.

My Best Friend's Wedding

1997 / 104m - USA
Comedy, Romance
My Best Friend's Wedding poster

A Julia Roberts vehicle. One of those romcoms with a slightly annoying premise (two people that are obviously meant for each other, fucked up along the way, and live in fear of facing their true feelings) and two slightly annoying leads. I never expected greatness from this film, but in all fairness, I guess it could've been worse.

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Julianne let the love of her life slip, but they made a pact that they would marry each other if they were still single on their 28th birthday. That day is nearing and when Julianne gets a call she is thrilled at the prospect. When she calls him back though, he tells her he is about to get married to another woman.

Mulroney and Roberts aren't the most pleasant actors, the film hardly makes an effort to set itself apart from other romcoms and the romance swamps the comedy. It's simple genre fodder, a bit surprising to see this topping box office charts back in the day, but at least it wasn't a complete bore.