musical journey pt10

Exactly 10 weeks after I started this series, it is time to close it down. This week's batch will be the last, but definitely not the easiest on the ears. A steady climax of glitches, distortion, rattling and raging electronic, finishing off with the best minute of music known to me. So prepare yourself for some seriously chaotic sounds, and do turn up the volume. A lot.

Album cover compilation

For reference, all links to the previous entries, together they form the complete list:
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  1. 091. Syndrone - Cinco

    Syndrone cover art

    Even though this track is still pretty much grounded in ambient melodies, it is set to a glitchy and crisp layer of clicks 'n breaks, bringing a perfectly balanced mix of sweet, crisp and layered electronic.

  2. 092. AZ-Rotator - Genolom

    AZ-Rotator cover art

    AZ-Rotator is more rhythm-oriented. Even though his tracks are still blessed with beautiful ambient strings, the beats are a little harsher, the glitches more prominent. Awesome artist with a consistent style.

  3. 093. Somatic Responses - Rnb

    Somatic Responses cover art

    Legendary electronic duo that's been on top of the scene for the last 15 years or so. Though their style changed quite a bit over the years, the core of their sound never did. Bold melodies and rhythms clashing together.

  4. 094. Richard Devine - Rusx Fee

    Richard Devine cover art

    Devine goes from ambient to warm IDM to messy breakcore. This is one of his harder tracks, sporting an impressive build-up, strong samples and one big messy atmosphere. Nicely structured chaos.

  5. 095. Datach'i - Incubate

    Datach'i cover art

    Very eerie, cold and crisp song from this IDM/Breakcore crossover guy. Starts of pretty subdued, but once the rhythmic madness is unleashed the track does a complete 180. Great for teasing ambient lovers.

  6. 096. Kaebin Yield - Polymorph

    Kaebin Yield cover art

    Kaebin Yield marks the start of the final stretch of manic clicks 'n cuts breakcore. Messed up rhythms, strong and powerful basslines and cut up melodies come together in one jolly mix of greatness.

  7. 097. UndaCova - Sciarex

    UndaCova cover art

    Not as microscopic as Kaebin Yield, but just as chaotic and a lot more powerful. There's a little segment halfway through which just blows through your head as if there was nothing there.

  8. 098. Atomhead - Spiral Field Velocity

    Atomhead cover art

    Actually the same guy as UndaCova. More beat-oriented, just as cut up, continually raging and creating complete havoc without ever letting a beat slip. Musical roller coaster that deserves the best sound system out there.

  9. 099. Axiome - Zierverdera

    Axiome cover art

    The only track I know that sounds remotely like the music of my dearest nr 100. Cut-up, distorted, disjointed and completely fucked up, this track is pure chaotic bliss. 100% nervousness guaranteed.

  10. 100. Xanopticon - Capacidt

    Xanopticon cover art

    Favorite track ever, hands down, not a single doubt. Sublime combination of ambient melodies and microsampled rhythmic insanity. A perfect climax halfway through, with another absolutely perfect build-up in the last minute. Ever growing intensity and ever so fast rattling rhythms, stuttering and falling over spaced out, ambient pads. Still haven't tired a bit of this track, even after all these years. Be warned if you ever decide to attend my funeral.

and then there was no more

And that's about all I have to offer. It was fun putting together this list, but also a lot of work. So even though I could make another one like this just as easy, I'm going to spare myself the trouble for now and keep it for a later time (maybe). Hope you found some cool tracks hidden in there, and keep checking for more updates.