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Rare treats

Revenge: A Love Story

by Ching-Po Wong
Fuk Sau Che Chi Sei
2010 / 90m - Hong Kong
Revenge: A Love Story poster

Revenge: A Love Story lacks any weak points, excels on almost every level and enhances the Cat III rating with some damn stylish film making, setting it apart from its peers.

The good stuff

Good Take!

by Kwok Cheung Tsang, Ching-Po Wong, Chun Wong, Henri Wong, Lung-Ching Yeung
2016 / 94m - Hong Kong
Drama, Horror
Good Take! poster

If you want to explore Hong Kong's upcoming talent and you don't mind shifting gears from time to time, then this one comes well recommended.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

by Ching-Po Wong
E Zhan
2014 / 96m - China
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai poster

Between the stunning cinematography, the impressive fight scenes and the fast-paced plot it's hard not to like at least some part of Once Upon a Time in Shanghai.

Fu Bo

by Kung-Lok Lee, Ching-Po Wong
2003 / 83m - Hong Kong
Fu Bo poster

Solid pieces

Let's Go!

by Ching-Po Wong
Bao Wei Zhan Dui Zhi Chu Dong La! Peng You!
2011 / 96m - Hong Kong
Let's Go! poster

Blood Brothers

by Ching-Po Wong
Gong Woo
2004 / 85m - Hong Kong
Drama, Crime
Blood Brothers poster

The inoffensive

A Decade of Love

by Wing-Chiu Chan, Bryan Chang, Kai-Cheung Chung, Oi Wah Lam, Wah-Chuen Lam, Kung-Lok Lee, Marco Mak, Kam-Yuen Szeto, Ching-Po Wong, Yat-Tak Yeung, Toe Yuen
Sup Fun Chung Ching
2008 / 110m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama, Romance
A Decade of Love poster

Mob Sister

by Ching-Po Wong
Ah Sou
2005 / 90m - Hong Kong
Drama, Crime
Mob Sister poster