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Jing Wong protege who made his name as a film editor, but also ended up directing his fair share of genre films. Hardly the most talented and unique director of the bunch, but his oeuvre is pretty meaty and full of solid genre filler.


Tracing Shadow

Zhui Ying
2009 / 89m - China
Comedy, Fantasy
Tracing Shadow poster

Mak and Ng gave the film a unique style and flavor while royally quoting older films from the genre. Amusing, fun and quite lovely to look at. Great fun altogether.

Colour of the Truth

Hak Bak Sam Lam
2003 / 104m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Colour of the Truth poster

Jing Wong teams up with Marco Mak, hires every famous actor he could find (Anthony Wong, Jordan Chan, Francis Ng, Gillian Chung, Ching Wan Lau, they're all present) and throws them into a comfortable genre formula that is known to work well and can be produced without too much hassle.

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Colour of the Truth is easy genre cinema, but backed by a movie making machine that is known for its incremental refinement and can deliver quality on routine alone. There's a plot about revenge and deceit that leads to some inevitable stand-offs, but if you've seen a couple of these films you should already be aware of that.

It's hard to find obvious flaws, the only negative here is that nothing really jumps out. It's a fine production, but safe and expected. Solid pacing, a good cast, some visual flair and enough genre pandering to please both action and crime fans. I had a lot of fun with this one, but it's for genre fans only.

Warriors of the Nation

Huang Fei Hong: Nu Hai Xiong Feng
2018 / 95m - China
Warriors of the Nation poster

A classic Wong Fei-hung narrative, sporting evil Japanese henchmen, corrupt Chinese officials and some serious ass-kicking by Wong Fei-hung and his apprentices. The execution is decent and it was fun to watch a simple martial arts film like this again, but it's hardly best in class and it's far from the most memorable Wong Fei-hung film out there.

Naked Soldier

Jue Se Wu Qi
2012 / 94m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Naked Soldier poster

A Decade of Love

Sup Fun Chung Ching
2008 / 110m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama, Romance - Anthology
A Decade of Love poster

Operation Undercover

Ngor Fu
2006 / 101m - Hong Kong
Drama, Thriller, Crime
Operation Undercover poster

Set to Kill

Tse Bing
2005 / 95m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Set to Kill poster

The Replacement Suspect

Kun Shou
2001 / 90m - Hong Kong
The Replacement Suspect poster

The Blood Rules

Hang Kwai
2000 / 97m - Hong Kong
The Blood Rules poster

Slim Till Dead

Shou Shen
2005 / 92m - Hong Kong
Mystery, Thriller, Crime
Slim Till Dead poster

Jing Wong and Marco Mak try to cash in on the horror hype. With a plot and setup not unlike Saw they deliver a film that isn't quite sure what it wants to be, drifting between horror and police thriller, with the odd parody element thrown in for good measure (because that's what you get when Jing Wong is spinning the wheels).

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A serial killer is on the loose. He targets young models and kidnaps them. The only way they are allowed to escape is by weighing less than 35kg, an almost impossible task. Detective Tak is put on the case, but his job suddenly becomes a lot more pressing when he gets his personal life entangled with the case.

Like most Hong Kong horrors, the film never really commits to the genre, with the comedy bits being more than a little counter-productive. It's good to have Anthony Wong on board, the rest of the cast isn't on the same level. It's certainly not the worst film, but unless you're desperate for horror or you're a true Wong completist there's no good reason to prioritize this one.

A Gambler's Story

Yat Goh Laan Diy Dik Chuen Suet
2001 / 94m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime
A Gambler's Story poster

Love Correction

Yuen Ban Yau Take 2
2000 / 97m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Love Correction poster

Dancing Lion

Sing See
2007 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama
Dancing Lion poster


2004 / 85m - Hong Kong
Drama, Action
SandaƓ poster

Haunted Office

Office Yauh Gwai
2002 / 89m - Hong Kong
Horror, Mystery
Haunted Office poster

Cop on a Mission

Ji Fat Faan Fat
2001 / 89m - Hong Kong
Cop on a Mission poster

The Peeping

Tou Kui Wu Zui
2002 / 93m - Hong Kong
Drama, Action
The Peeping poster