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Alive and kicking


I can see how this is something that speaks to a certain crowd. I can also see how it got its cult status, because who in their right mind is going to sit through this when it doesn't appeal to them? I'm one of those people apparently, and I'm afraid this didn't do much for me at all. Though I did see some potential.

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Mekas introduces his film by explaining how and why it was made. It's essentially a personal document of his life, edited together with little care for consistency and/or chronology. The result is an almost random sequence of snippets from someone's life, shot with a terrible camera. He hopes to find meaning within that randomness, I sure didn't see it.

The footage is pretty raw, the soundtrack is horrible, and Mekas himself provides a couple of voice-overs that don't really add that much. And this goes on and on and on and on. Again, if this is your thing I can understand how this could be one of the greatest films ever, if not, best think twice before you decide to subject yourself to this film.