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H Story

2001 / 111m - Japan
H Story poster

It's been a long time since I watched this one. Back then I was still getting acquainted with arthouse cinema, which meant this type of cinema was pretty new to me. Looking at it now, it's a tad too lethargic for my taste, and the film isn't quite stylized enough to fully make up for that.

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Béatrice Dalle plays herself in the film, as she travels to Japan to remake Resnais' famous movie Hiroshima Mon Amour. She struggles with the project and being in a foreign country, talking with the director through a translator doesn't make things easier. The harder she tries, the harder it becomes to continue.

There are some interesting stylistic touches, but H Story is slow cinema about cinema, and that's not entirely my thing. The performances are solid and there are some interesting moments. It's certainly not a bad film either, just not the little gem I once thought it was. If you like arthouse and you care for the classics, it's a must-see though.