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Germany - 57 years old
Alive and kicking
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Rare treats

Perfume still feels quite modern and contemporary because none of its audiovisual trickery was used gratuitously.

Solid pieces

Cloud Atlas

2012 / 172m - USA
Sci-fi, Mystery
Cloud Atlas poster

The inoffensive

The International

2009 / 118m - USA
Mystery, Thriller, Crime
The International poster

Worthy but flawed

Run Lola Run

Lola Rennt
1998 / 80m - Germany
Action, Thriller
Run Lola Run poster

Dubious filler

Another micro-shorts anthology. They were relatively popular for a while, but they rarely lived up to their potential. With just a single minute to make an impression, directors were given a tricky challenge. One that proved a bit too daunting for most involved, as too many of the entries failed to make an impact.

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This isn't so much a real film as it was an experience though. There doesn't remain a proper copy of this anthology since it was only screened once, then burned right after. I usually stray from watching low-quality recordings, but with nothing else available, it was either that or not watching it ever.

There are some interesting names here, but few of them stand out. The goals of the project are lofty, but it's all very conceptual and the films themselves never really match or strengthen the project's ideals. It's a good thing that the score is pretty interesting, which at least kept me going. Not all that interesting.

Plain forgettable

The Princess and the Warrior

Der Krieger und die Kaiserin
2000 / 135m - Germany
Romance, Mystery
The Princess and the Warrior poster