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Together with brother Joel, one of the prime Hollywood directors with a unique and recognizable signature. Balancing between crime and dark/absurd comedy, their oeuvre is vast, varied and it has something for practically everyone.


Drive-Away Dolls

2024 / 84m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Drive-Away Dolls poster

Ethan Coen, solo. I generally don't mind the films of the infamous brothers, but I rarely see signs of true mastership in them. They had some more interesting films during the late 90s/early 00s, but few of them got me truly excited. For me at least, Drive-Away Dolls is his best film in almost two decades, but the popular consensus seems to be disagreeing.

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Two young lesbians go on a trip to Florida. They rent a car, inadvertently making them accomplices to a criminal scheme. The car holds an important briefcase, the girls are wholly unaware but they have two henchmen on their backs, who are trying to track them down as quickly as possible.

Make no mistake, the comedy is pretty crude and blunt. If you want subtlety, you're not going to find it here. Not like most comedies that are made these days. The performances are good too (very self-aware), the plot is fun, the runtime is nice and short and the pacing is slick. It's nothing too special, just some prime entertainment. A welcome surprise.

The Man Who Wasn't There

2001 / 116m - USA
Drama, Crime
The Man Who Wasn't There poster

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

2000 / 107m - USA
Comedy, Crime, Music
O Brother, Where Art Thou? poster

Barton Fink

1991 / 116m - USA
Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Barton Fink poster

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

2018 / 133m - USA
Comedy, Musical, Western
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs poster

A 6-part anthology western helmed by the Coen brothers. It starts off pretty well, with some edgier bits and some trademark Coen weirdness, but the latter stories are a tad more dramatic and fail to be as engaging. The film can't maintain pace and quality, which is a shame because the first half was very promising.

Hail, Caesar!

2016 / 106m - USA
Comedy, Mystery, Music
Hail, Caesar! poster

A Serious Man

2009 / 106m - USA
Comedy, Drama
A Serious Man poster

Burn after Reading

2008 / 96m - USA
Comedy, Thriller, Crime
Burn after Reading poster

The Ladykillers

2004 / 104m - USA
Comedy, Thriller, Crime
The Ladykillers poster

The Big Lebowski

1998 / 117m - USA
Comedy, Crime
The Big Lebowski poster


1996 / 98m - USA
Comedy, Thriller, Crime
Fargo poster

Miller's Crossing

1990 / 115m - USA
Thriller, Crime
Miller's Crossing poster

Intolerable Cruelty

2003 / 100m - USA
Comedy, Romance, Crime
Intolerable Cruelty poster

The Hudsucker Proxy

1994 / 111m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
The Hudsucker Proxy poster

Raising Arizona

1987 / 94m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Raising Arizona poster

True Grit

2010 / 110m - USA
Drama, Adventure, Western
True Grit poster

Blood Simple

1984 / 99m - USA
Drama, Thriller, Crime
Blood Simple poster

No Country for Old Men

2007 / 122m - USA
Drama, Thriller, Crime
No Country for Old Men poster

Inside Llewyn Davis

2013 / 104m - USA
Drama, Music
Inside Llewyn Davis poster