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Aniki Bóbó

1942 / 71m - Portugal
Aniki Bóbó poster

Manuel de Olivera's first feature film. I haven't seen too much yet from this lauded director, though I doubt he'll become a big favorite of mine. Aniki Bóbó is a rather cheesy and sentimental film, somewhat reminiscent of the Italian Neorealist cinema that would reign supreme a decade later.

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Carlitos is a young and somewhat shy boy, but he wants to prove himself to a gang of young kids. He steals a doll from a store and is allowed in their group. He quickly falls in love with Terezinha, the only girl in the gang, but the gang's boss also has his eye on Terezinha. Nothing good can come of this.

The soundtrack is pretty dominant (and annoying), the performances of the kids are poor and the plot is uninteresting, even though the runtime is rather short. The cinematography is relatively polished but it didn't excite me much, other than that this film was completely wasted on me.