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Chronicle of a Disappearance

Segell Ikhtifa
1996 / 88m - Israel
Chronicle of a Disappearance poster

Middle-Eastern cinema seems to like mixing drama and documentaries. Chronicle of a Disappearance is a film by Elia Suleiman, a director who spent a long time in the USA but returned to Israel and Palestine to see how the identity of the Arab people in Israel was slowly eroding.

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He puts his camera on his family and friends and directs the film from his own persona. It's not a pure documentary though, some scenes and moments are clearly staged, but that makes it a little easier to watch, as the cinematography is pretty decent. Suleiman even adds some dry comedy in places, something I didn't expect.

In the end, I didn't get a whole lot from this film. I'm not particularly interested in the Middle-Eastern region, and save some funny moments (like the tourist taking a pic of the two guys in front of their store) many of the scenes and sketches fell flat. Not to say it's a bad film, it's just not for me.