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Flux Gourmet

2022 / 111m - UK
Comedy, Mystery
Flux Gourmet poster

Strickland latest is his maddest yet, and that's exactly what makes it a step up from his previous films. Flux Gourmet is weird, ambitious and pretentious, but it's also very funny, kooky and self-aware. It's nigh impossible to pin a single genre on it, and horror fans should probably think twice before having a go at it, but if you like to submerge yourself in a surreal and absurd universe, complete with sensory overload, then this is a film worth seeking out. Hopefully Strickland continues on this trajectory.

In Fabric

2018 / 118m - UK
Horror, Mystery
In Fabric poster

Strange and mysterious film that mixes in horror and comedy influences, but is most of all absurd in a pretty artsy way. Strickland no doubt had a lot of fun bringing this strange tale of a murdering dress to life. The soundtrack stands out, but it doesn't quite have the visual chops to be a true masterpiece. Jolly good fun though, if you can appreciate the weirdness.

Berberian Sound Studio

2012 / 92m - UK
Horror, Mystery
Berberian Sound Studio poster

A fine anthology with a couple of pretty cool shorts. The biggest problem is that the best ones are all at the front, which makes the second half a bit disappointing. Even so, a pretty varied and fun take on popular folklore, the Turkish short is by far the best of the bunch, the American one is the weakest. Good fun though.