Allied poster


by Robert Zemeckis

A romantic espionage thriller set during WWII. While Zemeckis tries his best to turn it into a classy affair, he isn't quite the man for the job. While there's very little wrong with this film, it still ends up rather plain and forgettable. It's all so predicable and safe that you start to wonder why they even bothered with this one.

Wild Tales poster

Wild Tales

by Damián Szifron

Anthology project helmed by Damián Szifron. Revenge, deceit and anger take central stage here, but Szifron delivers it with a wry, dark smirk. The film loses a little steam during the last two shorts, but the overall quality is high and there is some devilish fun to be had along the way. Surprisingly accomplished.

Follow Me poster

Follow Me

by Asri Bendacha

Asri Bendacha submerges himself into the world of Instagram stars and influencers. His approach is a bit predictable and he doesn't really venture deep enough, but there are some interesting bits and it does allow a peek into a world most adults don't understand at all. Great topic, but it deserves a better doc.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs poster

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

by Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

A 6-part anthology western helmed by the Coen brothers. It starts off pretty well, with some edgier bits and some trademark Coen weirdness, but the latter stories are a tad more dramatic and fail to be as engaging. The film can't maintain pace and quality, which is a shame because the first half was very promising.

Ant-Man and the Wasp poster

Ant-Man and the Wasp

by Peyton Reed

One of Marvel's less serious film series. The idea is nice, but the execution falls flat. The comedy is pretty lame, the actors don't quite fit their characters and the action is tame. There is little chemistry between Lilly and Rudd and the bad guy(s) aren't very menacing. The result is another Marvel misfire.

The Machinist poster

The Machinist

by Brad Anderson

Strange and uncomfortable film that thrives on Anderson's sleek direction coupled with Bale's eerie performance. It's a rather traditional mind-bender, twists included, but the execution is top notch and even after repeated viewings the film still excels. The Machinist is destined to become a smaller cult classic.

Kodachrome poster


by Mark Raso

Basic road movie that combines melodrama with some lighter moments. The characters are pretty plain and grey, the events aren't all that impressive and even though the actors do a decent job, they fail to add much extra. It's just bog standard drama material, not too horrible to sit through but very forgettable.

Requiem from the Darkness: Kowai poster

Requiem from the Darkness: Kowai

by Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Live action adaption of one of the Requiem from the Darkness stories. The anime series gathered quite a following, Tsutsumi's adaptation didn't. Not too surprising really, since it's a very functional and bland film that is way too occupied with its plot. The cast is solid, but the rest looks and feels like mediocre TV material.

Vacation poster


by John Francis Daley, Jonathan M. Goldstein

Starts off as a pretty basic comedy, but it gets just a little weirder than normal in places and that's when Vacation is allowed to shine. Ed Helms does a fine job and the supporting cast chips in where needed. Not the greatest or most original comedy in the world, but there are more jokes that land than there are misses.

Ali G Indahouse poster

Ali G Indahouse

by Mark Mylod

Never seen the TV series, but this film version is pretty damn cheap. The film looks clumsy, the comic timing is off and the delivery of the jokes is plain. The jokes themselves are even worse. There are a few redeeming moments, but overall it's a rather boring, predictable and plain affair that doesn't do justice to Cohen.

X-Men: Apocalypse poster

X-Men: Apocalypse

by Bryan Singer

Just another Marvel movie. As a casual watcher I've lost all track of timelines, characters and alternate universes. The plot is so simple that it doesn't even matter though. Apocalypse is another shitty CG fest where good trumps bad but takes a very long time to do so. Bryan Singer doesn't add anything either.

Tokyo Decadence poster

Tokyo Decadence

by Ryu Murakami

En elevated pinku. It's a blueprint for the films of Takashi Ishii, though he would do it a lot better. Tokyo Decadence lacks punch and even though it looks better than your average pinku, it doesn't feel as classy as it could've been. There are a couple of decent scenes, mostly in the second half, but overall it's not that great.

The Meaning of Life poster

The Meaning of Life

by The Meaning of Life

Amusing Monty Python film. Like most of Monty Python's work there's not much coherence, the film really is little more than a collection of sketches. Some of them are pretty great, others drag a little. It's a shame the quality isn't a bit more consistent, because there really are some memorable moments.

The Cube poster

The Cube

by Jim Henson

An exercise in allegories and symbolism. A man is locked up in a white room and isn't allowed to go out. A lot of weirdness ensues, as people come and go and strange things happen in the room. Set up like a sketch show, it's a bit of a hit and miss affair. Could've used a lick of paint, but overall it's pretty amusing.