The Hole in the Ground poster

The Hole in the Ground

by Lee Cronin

Grim, dark slow-burner that serves a nice dose of horror and suspense. It's pure genre work, so don't expect anything too out of the ordinary, but apart from that a very solid film. Strong cinematography, well acted, superb sound design and some creepy scenes. It has all you want from a good horror film really.

Zodiac Killers poster

Zodiac Killers

by Ann Hui

A very middle of the road crime flick by Ann Hui. Sadly the drama doesn't work that well, which depraves the ending from its power. The acting is decent, there are a couple of solid scenes and it's a rather inoffensive film, at the same time it's also completely forgettable. Okay filler, but nothing more than that.

Alive poster


by Frank Marshall

A decent enough survival story, though it made a much bigger impact when I first watched it as a kid. The plane crash looked a little sloppy, the actors aren't that great and the film gets a little repetitive. Still, a nice setting, some moral dilemmas and a pretty impressive story make for just the right amount of entertainment.

From the Highway poster

From the Highway

by Tseng-Chai Chang

Read somewhere this is supposed to be the first modern martial arts film, but I bet the Shaw Bros have something different to say about that. There are some decent scenes near the end, but apart from that it's all pretty basic and mellow. Not too surprising that Shaw Bros won the battle from Cathay.

I Walked with a Zombie poster

I Walked with a Zombie

by Jacques Tourneur

So old the film even had to explain the word "zombie" to the audience. If you know Tourneur, you know you shouldn't expect a full-blown horror film. It gets a bit more atmospheric during the second half, but in the end it's a pretty dull and lifeless (pardon the pun) experience. It's a decent curiosity, nothing more.

The Warriors Gate poster

The Warriors Gate

by Matthias Hoene

China and France collaborating on film for the international market. The result feels a bit conflicted at times, but with some decent performances by Mark Chao and Ni Ni and some above standard cinematography it's a pretty pleasant film nonetheless, even though quite simple and brainless.

Radiance poster


by Naomi Kawase

Fine drama by Kawase. It's a bit more stylized and toned down compared to her earlier work, combined with the strong performances of Misaki and Nagase it makes for a very captivating film. It looks great, features a beautiful soundtrack and the dramatic payoff is on point. Radiance is her best film so far.