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Japan - 67 years old
Alive and kicking
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The good stuff

A fine selection of shorts. There are one or two flukes here, but the rest is so unique and special that they're easy to forget. It's one of those animation anthologies that gives you a wide variety of styles, moods and stories in a very short span of time, exactly why I love these types of films. Robot Carnival is a classic, deservedly so.

A Tree of Palme

Parumu no Ki
2002 / 130m - Japan
Animation, Adventure, Drama
A Tree of Palme poster

A beautiful and imaginative fantasy film that takes a surprisingly dark turn. The premise sounds a lot like Pinocchio and there are some jolly sidekicks accompanying Palme on his quest, but this is more fantasy Akira than it is Japanese Disney. It's a film that requires some effort, but the payoff is fully worth it.


2015 / 119m - Japan
Animation, Sci-fi
Harmony poster

Michael Arias made a name for himself when he joined Studio 4°C to direct Tekkonkinkreet, one of the landmark animtion features of the 00s.