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Noiseman Sound Insect

Onkyô Seimeitai Noizuman
1997 / 15m - Japan
Fantasy, Action - Animation
Noiseman Sound Insect poster

Koji Morimoto's masterpiece. And that's high praise for a man who has consistently pushed the boundaries, making some of the most impressive, innovative animated films from Japan. Noiseman Sound Insect is indescribable, sporting a highly imaginative world, insane animation that still stands proudly today, beautiful character design and wildly creative settings, a perfectly tailored score, and a plot like none you've ever seen. Every single second of its 15-minute runtime is polished and meaningful, a trip like no other.

Studio 4°C establishes and confirms its title of best and most interesting animation house out there and dishes out a set of short films that challenge the medium in all sorts of ways.


1995 / 113m - Japan
Sci-fi - Anthology, Animation
Memories poster

Anthology projects offer the world a glimpse of the diversity of Japanese animation. Memories is one of the best of its kind and probably one of Studio 4°C's most prestigious undertakings so far.

Short Peace

Shoto Pisu
2013 / 68m - Japan
Sci-fi, Fantasy - Anthology, Animation
Short Peace poster

There's no weak link here, no bad parts or boring bits. It's a celebration of animation as an art form and it stands in stark contrast to other contemporary feature-length animation films.

Some people fault anthology films for their inconsistency, but I love to praise them for their creativity, as there is more of that here than in 7 full-length features combined.

An interesting mix of album film and animation anthology, helmed by some of Japan's most talented animation directors. The animation quality is exemplary, the variation in art styles is refreshing and the length is perfect. Ironically the soundtrack is one of the weakest elements here, but fans of the famed Studio 4°C anthologies can't go wrong with this one.

A fine collection of Matrix-related short films, dominated by the Studio 4°C efforts. The anthology sports a varied range of art styles, first-class animation and several interesting takes on the Matrix universe. Not all shorts are a hit, but there are plenty of stand-out pieces that make this one a very easy sell.

A fine selection of shorts. There are one or two flukes here, but the rest is so unique and special that they're easy to forget. It's one of those animation anthologies that gives you a wide variety of styles, moods and stories in a very short span of time, exactly why I love these types of films. Robot Carnival is a classic, deservedly so.

Fly Peek!

Tobé! Kujira no Peek
1991 / 80m - Japan
- Animation
Fly Peek! poster