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One of Hong Kong's prime action directors of the 21st century. Through the years Yip has made some stylish action films with broad international appeal, but had to go through a phase of cheesy horrors and bad comedies to get to that place.


Kill Zone

SPL: Sha Po Lang
2005 / 93m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller
Kill Zone poster

Kill Zone is a modern martial arts classic.

Dragon Tiger Gate

Lung Fu Moon
2006 / 94m - Hong Kong
Fantasy, Action
Dragon Tiger Gate poster

A cool, fun and action-packed manhua adaptation. Hong Kong doesn't have a strong comic book culture and it's clear Yip struggled a little, but he makes up for it with superb action choreography and amusing over the top styling. If you can get past the cheesy dramatics propelling the story, there's a lot of fun to be had here.

A Chinese Fairy Tale

Sien Nui Yau Wan
2011 / 100m - Hong Kong
A Chinese Fairy Tale poster

If you think you can handle an update of A Chinese Ghost Story bathing in CG visuals, this one is definitely recommended, otherwise you best stay clear.

Ip Man

Yip Man
2008 / 106m - Hong Kong
Ip Man poster

Ip Man turned out to be an extremely solid entry in the ever growing list of Yip and Yen collaborations. If you liked Fearless, you will probably like this one too.


Sha Po Lang: Taam Long
2017 / 101m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller
Paradox poster

I'm a big fan of the first SPL, the second one was a tiny letdown. Luckily Yip returned to elevate the series back to its original level.

Ip Man 2

Yip Man 2: Chung Si Chuen Kei
2010 / 108m - Hong Kong
Ip Man 2 poster

Visually a little better than the first film, awesome fight sequences where Yen is allowed to shine and a fully satisfying finale where the final blow caused a big fat inner "Yeah!".

Ip Man 3

Yip Man 3
2015 / 105m - Hong Kong
Drama, Fantasy
Ip Man 3 poster

Wilson Yip did well to wait a couple of years before making this third instalment. Yip Man 3 is a worthy successor, in every way possible.

Leaving Me, Loving You

Dai Sing Siu Si
2004 / 94m - China
Leaving Me, Loving You poster

Wonderful cinematography, lush sets and two strong actors make this film. You have to wade through a few mushy parts, mostly in the beginning, after that it's all good.

Ip Man 4: The Finale

Yip Man 4
2019 / 107m - Hong Kong
Ip Man 4: The Finale poster

A fine ending to the series, though not quite as good as the earlier entries. The move to America isn't doing the film any favors and the bad guy lacks charisma. Luckily Yen is impressive and Yip's direction is solid as ever. But this fourth part isn't really pushing the boundaries anymore, which is why it felt just a little lazy at times.

Flash Point

Dou Fo Sin
2007 / 88m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller, Crime
Flash Point poster

Juliet in Love

Jue Lai Yip Yue Leung Saan Ang
2000 / 89m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Juliet in Love poster

Midnight Zone

Hui Zhuan Shou Shi
1997 / 92m - Hong Kong
Midnight Zone poster

Triumph in the Skies

Chung Seung Wan Siu
2015 / 100m - Hong Kong
Triumph in the Skies poster


2001 / 94m - Hong Kong
Fantasy, Action
2002 poster

Skyline Cruisers

San Tau Chi Saidoi
2000 / 89m - China
Skyline Cruisers poster

Early Wilson Yip, in which he is clearly learning the tricks of the trade. Not as great as his later films, but the potential is already there. Lai and Chan are a fun central duo, the heists are inventive (though often a little silly) and the pacing is perfect. Pretty good filler this one.

Bullets Over Summer

Bao Lie Xing Jing
1999 / 92m - Hong Kong
Romance, Action, Crime
Bullets Over Summer poster

Bio Zombie

Sun Faa Sau Si
1998 / 94m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Sci-fi, Horror
Bio Zombie poster

Mongkok Story

Wong Gok Gung Wan
1996 / 96m - Hong Kong
Drama, Action
Mongkok Story poster

Magic to Win

Hoi Sam Mo Fa
2011 / 100m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Magic to Win poster

The Flying Heroine: Little White Dragon

Fei Hap Siu Baak Lung
2004 / 93m - Hong Kong
Fantasy, Action
The Flying Heroine: Little White Dragon poster

Dry Wood Fierce Fire

Gon Chaai Lit Feng
2002 / 97m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Dry Wood Fierce Fire poster

Teaching Sucks

Ng Yan Ji Dai
1997 / 93m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Teaching Sucks poster

A very early Wilson Yip romcom. Not really the genre you'd expect from Yip, but like most Hong Kong directors he found his calling by trying out whatever genre he could get his hands on. '97 was a bad year for Hong Kong cinema though and Yip wasn't really skilled enough yet to rise to the challenge.

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Lam and Wong are two teacher who have lost their passion to teach. They keep each other occupied, but their students show little respect for them. Until Cathy joins the teacher squad, a young teacher full of drive and will to make a difference. Lam and Wong are both captivated by Cathy's vigor, but it's obvious they want more than just be friends.

Performances are a little lifeless, the cinematography is dim and the comedy is rarely funny. The story is anything but original, but at least the atmosphere is quite light and the pacing is decent. It's not that the film is terrible or doesn't work, it's just that there's hardly anything here that jumps out. Very basic filler.

01:00 A.M.

Ye Ban Yi Dian Zhong
1995 / 86m - Hong Kong
01:00 A.M. poster

The Mummy, Aged 19

Ng Goh Haak Gwai Dik Siu Nin
2002 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Horror
The Mummy, Aged 19 poster

Early Wilson Yip film that fails in the same way most Hong Kong horror/comedies do. The comedy is simplistic and dull, while the horror is cheap and unconvincing. For some reason these films did well enough on the local market, but it's not much of an export product. At least Yip improved tremendously over time.

Daze Raper

Mi Jian Fan
1995 / 90m - Hong Kong
Daze Raper poster