Something Borrowed poster

Something Borrowed

by Luke Greenfield
Specifics: USA [2011] - 112 mins
Genre: Comedy, Romance
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Solid romcom that doesn't stray too far from the beaten path, but isn't exactly the worst in the genre either. The plot is predictable, the ending a dead giveaway and the mix of romance and drama is completely by the book, but solid casting choices and an overall chipper atmosphere make this a decent watch.

The Net poster

The Net

Also know as: Geumul
Specifics: South Korea [2016] - 114 mins
Genre: Drama
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Ki-duk takes on both Koreas. And of course he doesn't pull any punches, but that's par for the course. There's slightly less attention for the characters, instead Ki-duk has a point to drive home, which at times stands in the way of the drama. But he's a skilled director and there's plenty to like here, though it doesn't quite compare with his best work.

Children of the Sea poster

Children of the Sea

by Ayumu Watanabe
Also know as: Kaijû no Kodomo
Specifics: Japan [2019] - 111 mins
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
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Amazing fantasy anime that shows why Studio 4°C is still the greatest animation studio in the world. The art style and animation are absolutely insane, the craft and creativity is unparalleled and the finale is grotesque, in the best sense of the world. A truly wonderful film that every animation fan should watch.

Fascinating Affairs poster

Fascinating Affairs

by Alfred Cheung, Yuen Chor, Jing Wong
Also know as: Hua Xin Hong Xing
Specifics: Hong Kong [1985] - 94 mins
Genre: Comedy, Romance
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Regardless of all the big names involved, Fascinating Affairs is a pretty rushed and flat hotchpotch of genres that never really finds its footing. Loud, poorly acted, lazily directed and often aimless, it's a film that seemed confident that star power would be enough to attract people. Poor filler, only for true completists.

Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite poster

Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite

by Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy
Also know as: Pikovaya Dama. Chyornyy Obryad
Specifics: Russia [2015] - 92 mins
Genre: Horror
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Solid horror flick, that isn't afraid to borrow from more famous franchises (Candyman in particular), but adds its own flavor to makes sure it isn't just a poor carbon copy. Solid atmosphere, decent actors and a few nice scares make this a nice addition to the Russian horror niche. Not the most original film, but good fun.

American Pie 2 poster

American Pie 2

by J.B. Rogers
Specifics: USA [2001] - 108 mins
Genre: Comedy
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Very straightforward sequel to the first film. The same drab jokes, the same annoying characters and the same lazy direction. The fact that everybody is on summer vacation now makes no difference at all. It's an easy digestible comedy, so there's that, but even then the film is way too long. A lazy continuation of the series.

A Year of the Quiet Sun poster

A Year of the Quiet Sun

by Krzysztof Zanussi
Also know as: Rok Spokojnego Slonca
Specifics: Poland, Italy [1984] - 106 mins
Genre: Romance, War
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A rather stale and dry romantic drama that fails to conjure up the necessary emotion. The film feels a bit drab, performances are mediocre, the soundtrack has no impact and the drama is incredibly predictable. What remains is basic quality film making, that fails on every other level. A pretty disappointing film.

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese poster

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

Specifics: USA [2019] - 142 mins
Genre: Documentary, Music
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Scorsese's second Bob Dylan-based documentary. Only interesting for fans of Dylan and/or of bygone eras. Scorsese hardly cuts in the performances and the talking heads don't have much interesting to add. The fact that are some hidden faux documentary bits doesn't improve things at all. A terrible doc.

Jossy's poster


by Yuichi Fukuda
Also know as: Joshîzu
Specifics: Japan [2014] - 97 mins
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
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Silly and simple parody. If you're familiar with the Power Rangers-like franchises, you'll have no trouble following the jokes and puns here. Not everything is funny, but there are definitely more hits than misses and Fukuda is a capable director, especially for this kind of comedy. Not a great film, but pretty fun filler nonetheless.

Adventurous Treasure Island poster

Adventurous Treasure Island

by Sau Hin Ha, Herman Yau
Also know as: Huang Jin Dao Li Xian Ji
Specifics: Taiwan, Hong Kong [1996] - 92 mins
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
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Madcap Hong Kong comedy. It's hardly coherent and flashes by in record speed, but that's actually a selling point for this kind of film. The acting is pretty poor and the film feels rushed, but there's so much craziness here that it hardly matters. Recommended for seasoned HK comedy fans only, but a neat little discovery if you're part of that niche.

Higher Power poster

Higher Power

by Matthew Charles Santoro
Specifics: USA [2018] - 93 mins
Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller
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It's not that I mind a batshit crazy plot, on the contrary. But the serious, straight-faced approach really doesn't do the film any good. There's a lot to like here, some cool ideas you won't see anywhere else, it's just a shame that the film doesn't fully commit to them. One of the most interesting disasters I've ever witnessed.

Field of Dreams poster

Field of Dreams

by Phil Alden Robinson
Specifics: USA [1989] - 107 mins
Genre: Fantasy, Sport
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Incredibly cheap and excruciatingly cheesy. While not an explicitly religious film, it does feel like one, with people looking for redemption and chasing their (literal) callings. The acting is poor, the story is sentimental and the whole baseball theme feels tacked on. A terribly sentimental piece of rubbish.

Tom, Dick and Hairy poster

Tom, Dick and Hairy

by Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Chi-Ngai Lee
Also know as: Feng Chen San Xia
Specifics: Hong Kong [1993] - 99 mins
Genre: Comedy, Romance
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Not quite as good as the cast & crew may suggest. With 2 Tony Leungs in front of the camera and Peter Chan helming the film, my expectations were just a little higher, but in the end this is a decent romantic comedy with some proper laughs and passable drama. It's clearly filler material, but it's really not that bad.

The Villains poster

The Villains

Also know as: Tu Fei
Specifics: Hong Kong [1973] - 80 mins
Genre: Romance, Action
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Not one of Chor's better films. It's a pretty straightforward martial arts flick, with some romantic squabbles in between. The action feels a little muddled and the romance is overdone. Luckily it's a short film and the pacing makes sure it never lags. Not an entire waste of one's time, but hardly a priority for Shaw Bros fans.

Hamon: Yakuza Boogie poster

Hamon: Yakuza Boogie

by Shôtarô Kobayashi
Also know as: Hamon: Futari no Yakubyô-gami
Specifics: Japan [2017] - 120 mins
Genre: Comedy, Crime
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Amusing Yakuza romp. A couple of low-ranking gangsters get caught up in a major scam that runs all the way to the top of the family. The direction is solid, actors do a decent job and while not overtly funny, it's clear that the films shouldn't be taken too seriously. Nothing too unique or special, but it's more than adequate filler.

Samaritan Girl poster

Samaritan Girl

Also know as: Samaria
Specifics: South Korea [2004] - 95 mins
Genre: Drama
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Vintage Ki-duk. That means a mature and warm drama with some raw and dark edges and a healthy dose of non-verbal communication. The acting is superb, the plot is intriguing and the soundtrack on point. Not Ki-duk's most visually impressive film, but apart from that an amazing film that is equal amounts of warm drama and punch in the gut.