It Comes

It Comes review

"Delivers on its genre premise, is different enough to keep you on your toes and is impeccably executed, with beautiful cinematography, strong use of its score and boasting stellar performances."

Godzilla: Monster Planet

Godzilla: Monster Planet review

"If you're an anime and/or sci-fi fan and you're up for a little Gojira action mixed with hardcore sci-fi, this is by far the best entry in the franchise so far. Bring on the sequels."

Genius Party

Genius Party review

"Some people fault anthology films for their inconsistency, but I love to praise them for their creativity, as there is more of that here than in 7 full-length features combined."

Citizen Dog

Citizen Dog review

"If you want something light-hearted, fun, and visually exuberant, Citizen Dog is your film. It's a lovely little comedy with a lot of heart, warmth, and plenty of interesting and original ideas."

After Life

After Life review

"After Life is about enjoying and appreciating the good things you have in your life. Warmly recommended for anyone who doesn't mind the modest pacing and styling."


Alleluia review

"Even though it never becomes as extreme or over-the-top as other films, there's a tangible darkness that leaves the kind of deep and strong impression most horror films can only dream of."

The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises review

"The Wind Rises is a more than worthy closing act. It's one of Miyazaki's very best films, a stunning ode to passion and perseverance in the face of a looming war."

Suffering of Ninko

Suffering of Ninko review

"Suffering of Ninko is the kind of film that made me fall in love with Japanese cinema all these years ago. It's different, it's fun, it looks great, and it's overall very creative."

The Book of Birdie

The Book of Birdie review

"The bemusing ambiguity, the constant mystery and the flawless presentation make The Book of Birdie into an intriguing film that stands well on its own and begs for validation."


Steamboy review

"Simple enough to not alienate Western audiences, superbly animated and spilling over with lush details. Every single frame is a work of art, ready for hanging on the wall."


Takeshis' review

"It's a feast of recognition, a wonderful comedy and a completely unique film that could've been made by only one man in this entire world. Takeshis' is Takeshi Kitano."

It's Only Talk

It's Only Talk review

"Hiroki delivers one of the most natural, confident, and empathic dramas I've ever laid eyes on. On the outside it appears to be a simple film, but underneath lies a wealth of emotions."

Hollywood Hong Kong

Hollywood Hong Kong review

"The film is visually impressive, boasts a distinctive and attractive soundtrack, features an interesting and cool story, and it is supported by a cast of strong actors."


Horsehead review

"Basset shows tremendous potential and doesn't waste any time cashing in on it. Horsehead is an audiovisual marvel, featuring an amazing soundtrack and stellar cinematography."

III - The Ritual

III - The Ritual review

"The world created in III is mystical, mysterious and eerie. The story is merely an excuse for some fantastical set pieces and superb audiovisual journeys into the minds of the protagonists."

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs review

"If it's narrative and plot you're after Isle of Dogs may be a little flimsy, but when you're longing for craft, wit, and passion then Anderson's latest has you covered."

1778 Stories of Me and My Wife

1778 Stories of Me and My Wife review

"The film looks and sounds amazing, the characters are extremely lovably and while 140 minutes is quite a demanding length for an upbeat film like this, I can't remember checking the clock once."

Tokyo Vampire Hotel - The Movie

Tokyo Vampire Hotel - The Movie review

"100% vintage, uncut, madcap Sono. An insanely bloody, stylish and unique vampire flick that mixes classic folklore with original lore and delivers one of his most impressive rollercoaster rides yet."

The Wall-Passer

The Wall-Passer review

"A splendid experience. Add awesome visuals and some pretty weird but cool musical choices, and what you get is something that might leave you scratching your head, but in a good way."

The Girl on the Bridge

The Girl on the Bridge review

"Add stellar performances by Auteuil and Paradis, superb black and white visuals and a fun soundtrack and what you have is a modern (though often overlooked) French cinema classic."

The Day of Destruction

The Day of Destruction review

"It's raw, primordial and unfiltered emotion, an audiovisual experience that gripped me from the very first frame and didn't let go until long after the final credit had faded from the screen."

Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police review

"Tokyo Gore Police is gory, fun, funny, weird and insane, but at the same time the realm in which it exists starts to grow on you, especially when the creatures become increasingly outrageous."

Why Don't You Play in Hell?

Why Don't You Play in Hell? review

"It's no doubt one of the least serious films Sono has made so far, but there's so much vigor and energy here that only the most hardened stiffs would mind."

Dog Bite Dog

Dog Bite Dog review

"Cheang flexes his directorial muscles, offering great visuals, an impressive soundtrack and an interesting story that differentiates plenty from standard Hong Kong fare."

Design of Death

Design of Death review

"The actors bring a disarming charm, the humor is actually funny and Guan delivers a worthwhile audiovisual experience, in a way that sets it apart from other Chinese films."