Annular Eclipse

Annular Eclipse review

"Annular Eclipse is a dashing genre effort, blending different genres, a conceptual story, and polished cinematography to create something that dazzles from start to finish."

The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman

The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman review

"Flashy, funny, weird and in-your-face. I'm an instant Wuershan fan and I hope he'll keep making films like this before slowly fading away doing big budget stuff"

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs review

"If it's narrative and plot you're after Isle of Dogs may be a little flimsy, but when you're longing for craft, wit, and passion then Anderson's latest has you covered."


Belle review

"The splendid animation and detailed art style, the wondrous score and quality dubbing and the imaginative fantasy elements support a wealth of well-grounded themes, giving life to this epic undertaking."


Mother! review

"Mother is a film that is minutely tailored to allow for a thorough personal experience, while also covering themes that encompass the whole of humanity."


Cocolors review

"Kamikaze Douga made a compact, slickly and tightly produced film that looks and sounds beautiful, feels original and packs more surprises than your average flagship title."


Horsehead review

"Basset shows tremendous potential and doesn't waste any time cashing in on it. Horsehead is an audiovisual marvel, featuring an amazing soundtrack and stellar cinematography."

Monsters Club

Monsters Club review

"The film looks beautiful, the atmosphere is tangible and the imagery unique, offering a surprising spin on what looks like yet another story about one person's distrust of modern society."

The Girl on the Bridge

The Girl on the Bridge review

"Add stellar performances by Auteuil and Paradis, superb black and white visuals and a fun soundtrack and what you have is a modern (though often overlooked) French cinema classic."

Rubber's Lover

Rubber's Lover review

"A pretty simple film. You either like the madness, or you hate it. There's very little middle ground as everything in the film is made to be as intense, loud, and explosive as possible"


Hero review

"With an all-star cast, a terrific cinematographer, a legendary director and some of the most spectacular fight scenes ever choreographed this film delivers."

Moon Garden

Moon Garden review

"The excellent cinematography combined with a lush score, a dedicated crew, and impeccable technical skills make this film a fantastical adventure like no other."

Hollywood Hong Kong

Hollywood Hong Kong review

"The film is visually impressive, boasts a distinctive and attractive soundtrack, features an interesting and cool story, and it is supported by a cast of strong actors."

The Book of Birdie

The Book of Birdie review

"The bemusing ambiguity, the constant mystery and the flawless presentation make The Book of Birdie into an intriguing film that stands well on its own and begs for validation."

Isn't Anyone Alive?

Isn't Anyone Alive? review

"Let yourself be carried away by Ishii's unique sense of comedy coupled with a strong and mysterious build-up. In the end he might have changed his name, but he can't hide his talent"

The Wall-Passer

The Wall-Passer review

"A splendid experience. Add awesome visuals and some pretty weird but cool musical choices, and what you get is something that might leave you scratching your head, but in a good way."

Why Don't You Play in Hell?

Why Don't You Play in Hell? review

"It's no doubt one of the least serious films Sono has made so far, but there's so much vigor and energy here that only the most hardened stiffs would mind."


Bipolar review

"A stunning road movie, a mysterious trip through the heart of China that doesn't lose itself in the usual contradictions, but sculpts a delicate portrait of its lead character."

Heaven's Door

Heaven's Door review

"Arias has a more modern sense of style and direction, giving the film its very own face, but there's just something very Kitano-esque about the couple reaching the beach in the final scene of the film."


Glasses review

"It relishes the beauty of boredom and shows a glimpse of true bliss, even to people who wouldn't normally want to be caught dead in main character's situation."

In This Corner of the World

In This Corner of the World review

"It may start off sweet, and it may look the part, but underneath there's anger, disappointment and suffering, though well hidden beneath the positive disposition of its main character."

Revenge: A Love Story

Revenge: A Love Story review

"Revenge: A Love Story lacks any weak points, excels on almost every level and enhances the Cat III rating with some damn stylish film making, setting it apart from its peers."


Sonatine review

"The blend of sudden violence with quirky fun forms an explosive cocktail that's not only great to watch, but helps to get a feel for what would otherwise be lifeless characters."

Trava: Fist Planet

Trava: Fist Planet review

"The combination of manic animation and dry, deadpan conversations is no doubt an acquired taste, still, there is plenty left to enjoy if you have a soft spot for animation."


Equals review

"This is genre cinema with the signature of an auteur, mood cinema with smarts and depth. Lush visuals, a superb soundtrack and slick performances only make it better."