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Hong Kong - 48 years old
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Not your typical Hong Kong director. Ho-Cheung Pang brings a more contemporary feel to his films, incorporating genre elements without making outright genre films. A director whose rich and varied oeuvre is well worth diving into.

Rare treats


by Ho-Cheung Pang
Yi Sa Bui Lai
2006 / 109m - Hong Kong
Drama, Crime
Isabella poster

With Isabella Ho-Cheung Pang combines strong drama with a superb sense of aesthetics. It's easily his most accomplished film to date where everything feels just right.

The good stuff

Dream Home

by Ho-Cheung Pang
Wai Dor Lei Ah Yut Ho
2010 / 96m - Hong Kong
Dream Home poster

Don't go in expecting a true slasher flick, expect a genre flick adapted by the mind of Ho-Cheung Pang.


by Ho-Cheung Pang
Heung Gong Jai
2014 / 97m - Hong Kong
Aberdeen poster

It's another great addition to Pang's oeuvre and proof that he's a truly unique force in the Hong Kong movie industry. One for the connoisseurs.

Love in the Buff

by Ho-Cheung Pang
Chun Giu Yu Chi Ming
2012 / 111m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
Love in the Buff poster

Love In The Buff is a very worthy sequel. It's hard to say which film is the better one of the two, for that I should probably watch them once more, back to back.

Love Off the Cuff

by Ho-Cheung Pang
Chun Jiao Jiu Zhi Ming
2017 / 121m - China
Comedy, Romance
Love Off the Cuff poster

The film is up to par with the earlier films while still being different and distinctive enough to avoid turning into a cheap, cash-obsessed sequel.


by Ho-Cheung Pang
Cheut Ai Kup Gei
2007 / 94m - Hong Kong
Exodus poster

You should like the arthouse aesthetics and you're required to pick up on the humor, if not this film is probably a serious drag. But if you do, it will be a worthwhile experience, guaranteed.

Love in a Puff

by Ho-Cheung Pang
Chi Ming Yu Chun Giu
2010 / 104m - Hong Kong
Love in a Puff poster

On the surface a simple romantic comedy, the film itself is grounded in a more realistic setting and allows a good look into the lives of contemporary HK citizens.

Solid pieces


by Ho-Cheung Pang
Gong Hei Bat Poh
2019 / 90m - Hong Kong
Missbehavior poster

Quirky new Pang comedy. When a bunch of estranged friends band together once more in search of a bottle of breast milk, it quickly becomes clear this isn't a new Pang masterpiece. But if you're looking for a fun and cheeky comedy that resembles Pang's early comedies you're in for a pretty nice treat. A very amusing film indeed.

Women Who Flirt

by Ho-Cheung Pang
Sa Jiao Nu Ren Zui Hao Ming
2014 / 97m - China
Women Who Flirt poster


by Ho-Cheung Pang
Dai Juk Hei Kek
2012 / 93m - Hong Kong
Vulgaria poster

Trivial Matters

by Ho-Cheung Pang
Por See Yee
2007 / 91m - Hong Kong
Trivial Matters poster

Beyond Our Ken

by Ho-Cheung Pang
Gung Ju Fuk Sau Gei
2004 / 98m - Hong Kong
Beyond Our Ken poster

You Shoot, I Shoot

by Ho-Cheung Pang
Maai Hung Paak Yan
2001 / 94m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Crime
You Shoot, I Shoot poster

The inoffensive


by Ho-Cheung Pang
Qing Chun Meng Gong Chang
2005 / 103m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
AV poster

Men Suddenly in Black

by Ho-Cheung Pang
Daai Cheung Foo
2003 / 98m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama
Men Suddenly in Black poster